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5 Strange & Unusual Suicide Notes

5 Strange & Unusual Suicide Notes

5 Strange & Unforgettable Suicide Notes

It’s a bit of a dark subject but if you’re like me – you’ll be fascinated from a psychological stand point!

Suicide: it is regarded as crossing the last frontier. It is a solution for some, and a distant hellish situation for others. Still, it has been around since the dawn of human civilization. However, it is considered a major sin to most religions, since they usually regard human life as something that must be preserved no matter what. Even for the most skeptical of minds, it remains a taboo subject. On the other hand, some suicides are extremely silent. An example of this would be a homeless person removing his life in the middle of nowhere.

Other cases are more scandalous, like suicides broadcast live on TV. Whatever you may think, suicide remains one of the most controversial subjects known to us. This controversy becomes even more fascinating whenever a suicide note is found; one which may or may not try to explain the motives of such a final decision. Even though these are offensive for a lot of people, they also offer food for thought to many of us. Here are some of the strangest suicide notes ever written.

5Per Yngve Ohlin

Per Yngve Ohlin

Peter Yngve sang in a Norwegian black metal band called Mayhem. He was memorable because of his peculiar, controversial style and was usually regarded as being crazy by his own band mates. For example, he used to carry a dead crow with him all the time, and he would sniff it just before a concert so, according to him, he could “fill himself up with the smell of death.”

His body was found in his house in the forest. Initially, everyone thought he was murdered. However, forensic doctors discovered that all of his injuries were self-inflicted. A suicide note helped clarify the whole situation.

In the note, he apologized for the mess he had left and went into a philosophical ramble, arguing that he did not feel as a human being and, interestingly enough, regarded life as nothing but a dream from which he wanted to wake up.

He also explained that his original plan for suicide involved a knife (which could be inferred from all the injuries on his body), but in case this did not work, a shotgun would have to do the trick (as it did).

As a last testimonial, he left his band mates with the lyrics to a song called “Life Eternal,” and stated that whoever saw the money first could keep it. If that was not enough, the band used the picture of Yngve’s corpse on their CD cover. It is unquestionably one of the weirdest and most grotesque suicide cases.

4Mitchell Heisman

Mitchell Heisman

This is by far the deepest suicide note ever written. The reason for this is that instead of a suicide note, Heisman specifically wrote a 1904-page philosophical essay in which he explains in detail why life makes no sense to him.

What is unusual about this man is that he did not suffer from any form of depression. He did not have financial, legal or family problems. His suicide was due totally to a deep philosophical reflection, which he later explained.

Would you dare to read it? Or would you be too afraid to discover that maybe Heisman was right? He committed suicide by shooting himself in front of a church, at Harvard University campus. His suicide note remains as the longest ever written in history.

3John Thomas Doyle

John Thomas Doyle

The suicide method this man chose has been rather popular ever since: in the year 1954, he jumped from the Golden Gate Bridge (it is popular because, since it was built, more than 1500 people have jumped from it).

The reason? Well, in his suicide note he stated that the only justification he had for doing so was a toothache. People still question if he was mentally insane, or was just taking comedy and cynicism to a whole new level. Some think that he was just out of his mind, while others regard his suicide as an absolute triumph of humor over death. Without a doubt, he wrote a suicide note that seems straight out of a dark comedy movie.

2Hunter Thompson

Hunter Thompson

Hunter Thompson will be remembered as one of the most controversial journalists in history. He created a totally new style called “gonzo journalism.”

It uses the premise that the journalist should also be part of the news, which of course got him into a lot of trouble. He was remembered due to his sincerity and extremely strong character. His suicide note has paved the way for a lot of discussions, but what he mainly states was that at his old age there was no more fun left for him anymore.

He was 67 years old by then, and regarded such an age as being “too greedy.” What is fascinating about this case is that it shows to what degree some people have trouble with the idea of letting their youth go. Hunter Thompson took this to a new level; and gave an example of the limits a rebellious spirit will go.

1George Eastman

George Eastman

Probably the most loved man on this list, George Eastman was known for being the founder of Kodak. Thanks to him, photography became popular and stopped being a luxury reserved for just a privileged few.

However, when he grew old, several ailments made his life a living hell. This included heart problems, diabetes, and a spine condition which led him to remain bedridden. He had inherited all these diseases from his mother, who he saw die slowly while he was still young.

It was probably this experience that influenced his decision. His note was short and very straightforward: he basically stated that his job on Earth was already done, and that there was no point in waiting for death in suffering. It was, for this reason that, at the age of 77, he decided to shoot himself in the heart. This is regarded to this day as one of the most shocking and moving suicide notes ever written.

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