Are You Co-Dependent?

    A person is said to be co-dependent when they overly rely on another person for their happiness and emotional needs. They pursue this external source of fulfilment instead of focusing on themselves primarily. Co-dependents engage in self sacrifice and subjugation. They often put their needs behind the needs of their partner and this […]

Are You Co-Dependent?

Codependency signifies an unhealthy attachment in a relationship. Often, one person is clingy and needy and wants to merge with their partner. Low self esteem and insecurity is at the heart of this type of attachment and leads to people pleasing and attempts to rescue others in order to be wanted and needed.The focus in […]

Pros and Cons of euthanasia

  Pros and Cons of euthanasia The story below was featured on BBC news today and it isn’t an isolated case. I believe everyone should have the choice about how they die if they suffer from a terminal illness that is progressive. I wonder when the law will catch up and make it legal. Of […]

How to overcome insecurities in a relationship

  How to overcome insecurities in a relationship Feeling insecure often has to do with low self esteem and a negative inner dialogue. Part of dealing with insecurities in a relationship consists of working on yourself – identify yur strengths and know what you are worth. Tell yourself that whomever has your love is a […]