4 Ways to challenge negative thinking

  4 Ways to challenge negative thinking We all have constant inner dialogue running through our minds. We pay attention to some of it, but other thoughts are so automatic that we don’t even realise that we think them. They occur on an unconscious level and can affect the way we see ourselves and the […]

The Power of the Mind – Repeat post due to errors in original

    This is a repost as the original post seems to have errors in it – apologies!!  Mandy x The power of the mind plays an important role in success. In order to encourage a successful outcome, it is important to watch our thinking and believe in possibilities. The more we are open to […]

What is mental wealth?

What is mental wealth? Mental wealth is just as important as mental health. Mental health is the physiological functioning of the brain and nervous system. Mental wealth is how successful you are at managing the content of your mind. I’m going to share a few strategies with you to enable you to become more mentally […]

The effects of childhood abuse

The effects of childhood abuse The effects  of childhood abuse can last forever. It can influence your thinking, emotional state and the way you relate to others way into adulthood.  Child abuse takes a wide variety of forms. The most common forms of childhood abuse are: sexual abuse neglect emotional/verbal abuse physical abuse parental substance […]