Love Addiction

  Love addiction Background/Theories as to why love addiction develops:   Love addiction starts to develop during childhood. According to John Bowlby’ s Attachment Theory – the earliest bonds are formed by children with their caregivers and the quality of this relationship has a tremendous impact that continues throughout life and affects adult relationships as […]

love addiction

Love Addiction

Love Addiction Currently, I see numerous clients suffering from love addiction. The following characteristics/causes are common: 1) This addiction often stems from a lack of a nurturing relationship when growing up. Perhaps parents were inconsistent with care, did not show love etc…this deficiency can lead to distorted brain development which in turn leads to dysfunctional […]

Tips to fight food addiction

  Breaking Out of Your Food Trance; Healthy Eating Tips to Fight Food Addiction Food addiction often follows the same pattern as other attempts to get healthy. As you fall asleep, you swear to yourself that tomorrow will be the first day of your new life. You will get up and go for a run. […]