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Advice by email

Advice by email

 advice by email

Need advice on something?

Mandy offers expert advice and perspective on issues such as abusive relationships (or whether you think you might be in one), relationship problems, low self esteem, lack of direction and general mental health and ‘life’ advice.

Types of issues Mandy has helped with in the past:

1) My boyfriend makes me feel I am going crazy. Is it him or me?

2) My spouse is having an affair and I don’t know whether there is any hope for our future?

3) My son has been exhibiting odd behaviour, can you shed any light on these symptoms?

4) I feel so depressed and lack motivation. Do you have any suggestions to break out of this negative cycle?

5) I want to know if my thoughts are normal or whether I need to seek professional help?

6) My partner and I constantly disagree on the same issue, can you help us settle this once and for all?

If you would like to obtain advice from Mandy, this is what you need to do:

1) Send payment of 10 Sterling Pounds via Paypal: [wp_paypal_payment]

2) Send an email explaining what you need advice on to Mandy at:

Ensure that Mandy has  a return email address to write to.

Please keep the email to under 500 words. The length of Mandy’s response will vary according to the nature of the problem/advice sought.

You can expect a response within 24 hours of sending your question/query.

All correspondence is confidential. The only times confidentiality will be broken is when there are child safety issues involved and where there may be harm to others or self that might need to be disclosed to relevant authorities.


Disclaimer: Please note that Mandy cannot be held liable for the outcome of any advice she offers.  This advice is not intended to take the place of legal/medical/mental health advice and should be used in conjunction with professional advise in your geographical location.
If you suspect you may have a mental health condition, consult your Doctor as soon as possible.
If you suspect that you are in an abusive relationship – seek appropriate help in your area.

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6 thoughts on “Advice by email”

  • Hello Mandy,

    I really enjoyed your post and explanation of the enmeshed family. What you described is pretty much my family and I’ve just started seeing this a few years ago when I moved and got married.

    To say my family did not welcome my husband is an understatement. Looking at the family pattern with siblings, “partners” were to be silent and basically ignored. I wasn’t going to have any of that and after some time of trying to integrate my husband in the family it never worked. My younger sister took the initiative to start a family poll of who didn’t like hubby and it has created a huge wedge. Father has disowned me (he is super toxic anyway), and since none of my sisters can be nice to my husband when they are in our home, are no longer welcomed here. It has created quite a division. The weirdest part is that I see the pattern so clearly and they DO NOT!! They believe its all me and I’m being controlled by my husband. WTF! It is so super frustrating, but the only way for me to be healthy and live my life with my husband is to have it this way. This enmeshment is a trip. Thank you for explaining this so well.

    • Hi Nina,
      Thank you for your message – well done to you for recognising the signs and taking steps to stop being a part of it. Often families do not realise their dysfunctional patterns as the behaviour has been normalised. It takes courage to take a stand and it can be tough emotionally. Wishing you all the best and sending you positive energy!
      Mandy X

  • Thank you for writing the post “Why you don’t owe your parents”. I’m currently cutting communication with my mother because of constant manipulation and emotion blackmail. I am 27 years old and not in great health, my mother (across the country) is constantly asking for money, favors, or being negative and hurtful. She refuses to work and always finds a man to take care of her. Currently her high school boyfriend who is dying. Your post really helped me. I’ve been a complete wreck. She’s always saying I owe her something because she’s my mother. I wish you lived in the states. You’d be my first choice for help with this difficult issue.

    • Hi Monica, Thank you for your message. It can be tough standing alone and claiming our rightful independence from our parents – especially when there is emotional abuse involved. Wishing you lots of strength, conviction and courage 🙂 xxx

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