Do what’s in your heart


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Do what’s in your heart

Inner wisdom is so underrated. When you do what’s in your heart and you follow your instinct, amazing things happen. The thing is, we tend to ignore that wise inner voice that is trying to tell us something. That gut feel nudges us to do something or to refrain yet we carry on regardless.

When you do what’s in your heart, you are more likely to experience a positive outcome than if you ignore what’s in your heart. I have taken note over the past few years of this theory and have found from my own personal experience that when I tune in to my instincts, it usually guides me in the right direction.



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When you meet someone for the first time, you make a judgement about them. How often have you found that your initial assumption was correct? The more emotional intelligence you have, the easier this will be. People with autism might find this harder but most people, who have empathy for others and are generally good with people should trust their instincts more. As it is with most things in life, some of us are better at things than others. Listen, tune in and see how effective your inner wisdom is in guiding. It is a skill that can be improved upon.

I believe that we give off energy, there are some people I immediately feel closer to and more connected to than others. Psychologists still can’t fully explain this phenomenon and I believe there are dynamics at work that we don’t fully understand. They are there nonetheless and if we can harness this energy and use it to guide and inform us we will be better placed to make good healthy decisions in life.

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4 thoughts on “Do what’s in your heart

  1. Ellie

    But isn’t it really your brain? Having done some research on the brain, and specifically love, I can say the heart is really just a blood pumping vessel. I don’t mean to be a downer at a party- if you mean spiritually, then yes, go ahead! But literally, I would say otherwise. If it’s ‘love at first sight,’ I wouldn’t trust it. It’s ‘love at first sense,’ sensing pheromones. Pheromones are small chemicals made by the brain, released out of the body. They are sensed by a specific type of pheromone- the quorum sensing pheromone. Both are made of carbon binds, connected by hydrogen, they find an ideal reproductive match; not a perfect boyfriend. We should be aware of this and remember; never trust anything 100%, not even your instincts or brain.

    1. Mandy Kloppers Post author

      Hi Ellie,
      Thanks for your comments. Yes, I am referring to a more metaphorical meaning. All perceptions come from your brain, of course, but in a non-literal sense, we see the heart as the source of human sentiment despite it not being scientifically accurate. Hopefully readers will make that connection but I do appreciate your valid input. All the best. Mandy X

    2. Christine

      Not sure what Ellie’s issue is with the idea of follow your heart.
      I’m sure we all know the heart pumps blood around our body, but if you have never felt pain or love in your heart then you will not understand that there is more to it.
      I have also read a lot of books and articles on the subject of love and emotions.
      Instincts need to be tuned into and trusted, and if things don’t workout learn from it.
      My instinct was not to marry my husband and I was so right.
      But on the up side, I have now no husband, but I do have two beautiful daughters.
      Love this article Mandy

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