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Stop the negative self talk


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Stop the negative self talk

We talk to ourselves all the time and the content of that self talk is often more negative than positive. This post is on how to stop the negative self talk. Many people don’t even realise that they are talking to themselves in a negative way. In fact, for many people it is just a bad habit. It’s a bad habit that can lead to limited opportunities in life. When we talk negatively to ourselves, we create self limiting beliefs that prevent us from taking risks and getting the best out of life. Do you ever catch yourself saying things like, “I could never do that” or “I’m not clever, pretty, good looking enough…etc” ? When you ‘feed’ yourself with these words, you wear down your confidence. Stop the negative self talk, it serves you no good.

Imagine that someone bought you a parrot as a pet. You put the parrot in your home and every time it sees you it insults you. It tells you that you look fat and ugly or that you are worthless. You would presumably get rid of it. Think of your negative self talk as a “poisonous parrot”.You don’t have to listen to it. Negative self talk isn’t true, it’s just made-up criticism that we can ignore if we choose to. Even better, replace the negative self talk with positive self talk.

When you catch yourself telling yourself you are stupid, say something like this instead, “I am not stupid. I am human and make mistakes like everyone else”. Ensure the messages you give yourself are compassionate not critical. The more you send yourself positive messages, the more you open up opportunities for yourself and give yourself the best chance in life to reach your true potential. It’s a no-brainer. Stop the negative self talk and treat yourself as you would a best friend. Become your number one fan!!

Mandy X


The best possible life

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The best possible life

Don’t compare yourself to others

Don’t care about what others think

Be yourself

Enjoy the present moment

Revel in the small things – shared joke with a friend, a walk in the park…

Make time to play

Have a sense of humour – laugh a lot

Let go of the small things

Don’t take life too seriously

Try new things regularly

Look after yourself – physically, mentally and emotionally

Give love without expecting it back

Make regular time for friends and family

Strive for balance between work and leisure time

Seek out experiences over possessions

Ensure you have goals to works towards and a sense of purpose

When life seems sad and/or bad, try to see the bigger picture

There are many things that contribute towards the best possible life. These may be different for each one of us but there are some enduring aspects of life that we can all get happiness and fulfillment from. For me, living in the moment and trying not to take life too seriously are two that work well for me.

Mandy X





Coping with Breakups or any other Emotional Stress


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Coping with Breakups or any other Emotional Stress

Breakups and emotional stress can be very unsparing. You go crumple yourself up on the bed and cry all day wishing the feeling would end as soon as possible. You crave for a certain kind of security only a person closest to your heart could give and they end up not being on your side when you need them the most. That is the kind of emotion that breakups daunt on us. It marks us with painful experiences that shackle what is left in our system. After all, we have believed the promises and delights of a love shared with someone but ended up splitting with them from an array of reasons.

We crave food and other things under emotional stress. Perhaps we get pistachio ice cream and watch movies while crying but there is consolation in that. We walk our dogs on the park and have a breath of fresh air. A visit or a chat with spiritual advisors can be a good experience especially if we believe these things could help alleviate our current feelings. These are things that we could possibly do in order to cope with breakups and while we are not saying that these are not good or ineffective, these are short-term actions to help us be better individuals who have learned from our experiences on love and life. On the other hand, there are various reasons and actions to live by and help us to stay happy and stimulated with future endeavors and our experience of love in the long run.


Staying focused is one way of helping us reach our very best especially in times of great distress and heartbreaks. Think of the very things that make you happy, focus and be better on that. It can be your hobbies, talents and even your present careers in life. This is very helpful especially on people who are confused on the things that matter most and when they doubt on themselves and the things they can and cannot accomplish whilst under such experience of emotional ache and affliction. Stay grounded on the things that one needs to concentrate more in order to uplift one’s personal view of the life and every events ahead. Focus not on the mere things that lacks attention but also remind oneself to improve from other things you focused upon during the past.


Know your goals at present and the goals you need to pursue in the future. These are as important as your time and the actions you take in order to be the best version of yourself. Also, if you mind keeping a list then it’s not actually a painful work to do. Manage your time for the sake of goals to be done and always set the pace for works and actions to ensure vitality and energy in everything not only on your career but also on your family and relationships to other people. Admire every effort that other people input in your life in turn making your goals achievable in the most efficient process. Celebrate your achievements and never settle for your loss. You can always be better in every single day!


Always be reminded that heartbreaks does not mean measuring your tolerance for emotional pain. Be brave to accept your weakness and braver to overcome and champion these bad assets. Grow in harmony to your will and the life you want to live therefore do not ask for the presence of someone to validate your individuality. Choose your own happiness and grow from all of circumstances in life however bad or good they are. Never measure your growth on tangible things but develop on the things that could not be seen by the human eye especially traits, values, inner peace and the ability to conquer every obstacle that one faces. Also, think on growing and developing for yourself rather than for others because this can only be one of the greatest things that human lives could ever learn from love and life and everything in between.

growth and passion


Continue being passionate about everything you admire and do not underestimate your own self for your own survival from heartbreaks and other various emotional stress humankind is experiencing. Being passionate is understanding one’s capability to love despite of the many experiences and events that have happened in the past and is continuing to shape our present. Passion is everything you need to remember yourself when you feel like not wanting to fall in love with someone in the future. You can be passionate on keeping your various relationships with other people but do not seclude yourself from falling in love all over again. After all, what matters most is the passion to continue living without the thought of all the people that left and the circumstances that brought to heartbreaks and other stresses in life.


Hope is when you believe that there is still goodness in everything how much they have made you different from your past self. Change can only either be good or bad and always strive and hope for the former. Do not hope for the tragedy of others but hope on the better experiences of people surrounding your life. Cherish every moment with them and learn to respect and value their presence in the most challenging and saddening times. One cannot cope up fully from distress if he or she shall not learn the importance of hope besides we can only hope for the better future and the better individuals we could ever be!

These are not ultimatums or ultimate tips or the greatest breakup guides you could ever found but just simple things and reminders to believe that there is always a reason to survive breakups and other emotional stresses. There is always a reason to live life and be invigorated by its many bumps and dirty tracks but most importantly learn and know how to deal with these to know that you are on the right track on the way home to realizations.

Images by Victor Ilunga and Pixabay under Public Domains CC0

Believe in karma



Believe in karma

There are times when I seethe at the injustice in the world. When I’m not feeling mentally strong, all the hardships and cruelty in the world can overwhelm me. I never want to stop caring but I also know that if I care too much, I will end up exhausted and very likely, depressed.

Thoughts can get the better of us and that’s why it’s a good idea to practice managing your thoughts and getting them to work for you instead of them controlling you.

I have a few tips to help me cope with upsetting thoughts and distressing events that I have learned along the way and want to share them with you:

Believe in karma

Believe that there is a higher power at work that somehow keeps the world in balance. You may not see all that it does but it is there, silently working in the background to restore order. Whether this is true or not is irrelevant – the beauty of this is that if I believe it, it makes me feel a whole lot better. This is one story I tell myself. Don’t think for one minute though that telling myself this ‘story’ absolves me of any responsibility to do anything against cruelty and injustice. I regularly donate to charities and would always step in directly where I could. This story helps me stay sane. I attended a seminar a few years back and the speaker was advocating similar stuff. He said that sometimes you need to tweak reality a bit and if it works for you and improves your quality of life – go for it. Like believing you are beautiful/handsome even if you aren’t. Sometimes thinking leads to self fulfilling prophecies. If we believe we are attractive, we act differently and this changes the dynamic with others and they too, see you as more attractive. When we believe something, we automatically look for evidence to support the belief – this is how self fulfilling prophecies work. If I believe karma is at work, I pick up on stories in the media, magazine articles and so on showing me that restorative justice works. See – it’s all good!

Whichever way you choose to look at it, it’s not a bad thing tweaking reality and I am talking about tweaking reality, not massive editing or anything – like believing you can fly. Hopefully you get the picture. When there is no obvious evidence to the contrary, make up a story that works for you…it works for me!

Mandy X

Secrets of wise people



Secrets of wise people

You can’t control life

Make the most of what you have rather than focusing on what you don’t have

Make the most of the present moment – don’t live in the future

Grab on to love when it emerges – don’t put up barriers

Put people and experiences ahead of possessions

Life is finite, don’t live as if you have forever

Don’t judge others as you can equally be judged

Be open minded to different ideas and approaches to life

Always be willing to learn new things

Show compassion to others


Mandy X


Sink or swim


sink or swim

Sink or swim

No one gets through life without experiencing a tough event of some kind. Whether that’s betrayal, loss, humiliation, rejection or failure on some level, we all face situations where we either sink or swim.

Anxiety and stress comes from our belief that we will not cope and where we see the threat in front of us as insurmountable.  There have been many times in my life when I have felt that I will not cope with the situation and have found managing my emotions incredibly difficult. The more you confront your fears the easier life gets and the more your confidence grows. Whether you sink or swim depends on the story you tell yourself about what has happened. If you focus on all the negatives and can’t see any other way to look at the situation, it is obvious that you will be more likely to sink. If however, you put some effort into looking at the situation in a  more creative way (the more difficult the situation the more creative you need to be), you will be more likely to swim and cope. What I mean by the ‘story’ you tell yourself is the way you choose to interpret the events. Psychological flexibility is key to happiness and minimising anxiety.

Example: You could say to yourself, “This is awful and I will never be happy again. I am such a loser etc” or you could choose to say to yourself, “This is a horrid situation but I have coped with hard times before, and I can do so again”.  The first story will make you feel worse, the second one might make you feel slightly better. Do what works.

I monitor my thinking constantly and remind myself that my thoughts are not facts, they do not always represent reality accurately. I imagine my thoughts as leaves floating by on a stream. I notice all the thoughts but I only focus on the ones that are positive and serve me well. Well – it’s a work in progress but that’s the theory. Negative and positive thoughts will constantly be entering your mind so it is a good idea to practise dismissing some of the ‘nonsense’ thoughts’.

Watch your interpretations of life around you. There is one reality but many different interpretations of that reality. Optimists have learned to focus more on thoughts that are helpful rather than unhelpful. This is the key difference and will determine whether you sink or swim.

Mandy X

Change is inevitable



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Change is inevitable

An indisputable fact of life is that change is a continuous process that we all have to adapt to. Life moves on and we get older. The seasons come and go and people come and go from our lives too. Sometimes change is positive  such as the arrival of a new baby or moving into a bigger house but it can also be negative like a relationship that ends or someone passing away.

Change is inevitable and our attitude to change is what makes the situation easier when the change is negative.

Tips for dealing with change

Focus on what you can control

When we focus on what we can’t control we create unnecessary anxiety and stress in our lives. We cannot control the thoughts and actions of others, all we can control is our own thoughts and actions. This is where your power lies, bring your focus back to yourself. Always ask yourself whether what you are worrying about is within your control. If it isn’t, learn to let it go.

Practice ‘non-attachment’

Everything in life is temporary – your possessions and even the people in your life. This idea provokes anxiety for a lot of people but use this to your advantage. Learn to really appreciate what you have now as it won’t be there forever. Practicing a certain amount of non-attachment is a good thing as it is a worldly reminder that life is transient and that we should never take for granted the people in our lives. The less attachment we have to physical possessions, the happier we are. Being too attached to material possessions brings with it anxiety and a desire to exert control. This control is something many people chase but it is a waste of energy in the long run.

Live in the moment as much as possible

We all scare ourselves unnecessarily with fearful thoughts about the future. “What if this happens or what if that becomes a reality?”. More often than not the fearful thoughts are far worse than the reality would be and it is our inability to cope with uncertainty that leads many of us to feel anxious. Practising mindfulness is a great way to allay fears and to enjoy the moment more. When we are living inside our heads and worrying about the future, we are losing precious moments to feel happy and content. Try to focus your attention on what is going on around you. Practise focusing your attention in the present moment. If you catch your mind wandering to the future, refocus on your environment – what can you see, hear, touch…? This does take practise but keep at it!

Goals and purpose

Committing to a purpose that is greater than ourselves is a wonderful way to bring meaning into life. What are your long term and short term goals? Create a visualisation board with images of where you would like to be in a year or two years…what do you see?

Having something to work towards can help you to feel stronger when you are experiencing moments of self doubt. A bigger picture can help you to stay on track.

Change is inevitable but it doesn’t have to be something we fear. Instead of resisting it, learn to work with it as if you have chosen that change on purpose. There is a lesson in every life experience and change we go through.

Mandy X