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We all have moments in life when we feel directionless or feel unsure of the best decision to make. Life Wisdom is a fun app based on the concept of synchronicity where the Universe conspires to send us what we need at the right time.   Suspend your logic and imagine that everything happens for a reason. Just as the answer you will receive from this iphone app is meant for you to see.

  • Think of a “yes” or “no” question that you would like answered
  • Touch the screen to see the thai chi symbol appear
  • Shake your phone to give your personal spin whilst thinking of the question
  • Wait for the thai chi symbol to settle (hold your phone very still after shaking)
  • Press “Start”

Tune into your intuition and allow the answer you receive to guide you in the right direction. The Life Wisdom iphone app offers uncanny results!

Mandy X


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