Living or existing?


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Living or Existing?

Are you living or existing? Have you become part of the living dead? I see it all the time. people sleep walking through their lives seemingly oblivious to the finite nature of their lives.

It’s easy to end up existing. We fool ourselves by promising that we will be happy when we get that job, finish that degree or find that perfect partner.We delay happiness and think about a point in the future when it will all be okay. What’s wrong with the present moment? Or, we settle for second best. We stay in sub-par relationships and refuse to look at the reality of the situation. Humans are creatures of habit and we don’t enjoy change. Instead of being brave, we lie to ourselves and stay in relationships, jobs, life situations that no longer inspire us. This is short sighted and foolish.

Life isn’t a dress rehearsal. Go after what you really want. Dust off those dreams and find a way to get closer to them.Live a life that matches your full potential – you deserve nothing less!

Mandy X

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2 thoughts on “Living or existing?

  1. Amy Valentini

    *sigh* It seems I’ve spent most of my life just existing. Existing is all I’ve got right now. I hate it, I don’t want to live this way but haven’t much choice as I’ve now become a full-time caregiver. I’m losing what separate like I had, my business is going under, my free time is non-existent, and I have no pleasure in anything anymore. I can only say…some day. Only, I fear I’ll be too old to enjoy living my life by that time.
    I want to come back in my next life as an uncaring, selfish bitch so I can tell everyone to go to hell and live my life the way I want. 😉

    1. Mandy Kloppers Post author

      Hello wonderful Amy,
      I wish I could wave a magic wand sometimes and make everyone’s life (especially yours) amazing and happy..sigh. All I can say is, I hope that you find time for yourself and that you use it well – pamper yourself. Maybe we should have a skype chat sometime and see what we can come up with together to improve your quality of life. If you were closer I would give you a big fat hug. In the meantime, I am thinking of you and hoping the universe listens and sends you some respite. Love Mandy X

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