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Mental Wealth Festival 12-14 Sept 2017

Mental Wealth Festival 12-14 Sept 2017

If you are in London in September 2017, come and listen to my talk on “Facing your fears” at the Mental Wealth Festival. I will be giving a talk on my own personal experiences and how I have managed to overcome personal struggles, including health issues and a tricky childhood.

The talk will be about how you too can overcome struggles and find your true potential. The talk will be full of tips and advice to inspire you and help you make important, and sometimes difficult changes in order to move forward and make progress in your life.

Mandy X

The Mental Wealth Festival is a three-day festival of talks, debates, seminars and mindfulness, celebrating many aspects of life that contribute to people’s mental wellbeing. This year the festival is taking place from 12-14th September in venues at City Lit in Covent Garden and the Houses of Parliament. We will explore the “human face of wellbeing”, moving beyond mental health statistics and policies and to encounter real stories, discovering how we can achieve and celebrate mental wealth.

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