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Online counselling for depression

Online counselling for depression

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Depression is a mood disorder that can cause us to withdraw from life and isolate ourselves. It can be a very lonely experience where joy evaporates and life seems pointless. There is hope though in dealing with this mood disorder.   Cognitive-Behavioural therapy (CBT) is an evidence based treatment that has been proven to improve symptoms of depression. What’s more, CBT is something that you can learn and use in-between sessions to help empower yourself and rise above the ‘dark pit’. CBT focuses on your thinking and the thoughts that are maintaining the depression and CBT also focuses on behaviour in depression. When we feel depressed, we tend to become more sedentary and this reinforces the negative cycle of depression. CBT can help you to break the negative pattern and find a renewed sense of purpose and fulfilment. There is hope beyond feeling depressed and although it may feel tough at times, there are effective ways to feel your old self again.

Mandy specializes in treating depression and can help you on the path to recovery. Sometimes, all we need to someone to listen and help guide us when we feel unable to do this for ourselves. Depression can be debilitating but there are clear strategies that can undo the damaging effects of depression.

Online counselling, Skype therapy or face-to-face therapy

Get in touch for an assessment. Mandy offers an initial free assessment aimed at identifying the severity of your depression and will discuss ways for you to move forward and claim back your old self.

Individual sessions cost: £75.00

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Mandy offers face-to-face sessions (Surrey,UK) or online Skype sessions worldwide. Online counselling is a quick and easy way to access help for mental health issues. Contact Mandy to find out more about this flexible form of therapy.