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Living or existing?


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Living or Existing?

Are you living or existing? Have you become part of the living dead? I see it all the time. people sleep walking through their lives seemingly oblivious to the finite nature of their lives.

It’s easy to end up existing. We fool ourselves by promising that we will be happy when we get that job, finish that degree or find that perfect partner.We delay happiness and think about a point in the future when it will all be okay. What’s wrong with the present moment? Or, we settle for second best. We stay in sub-par relationships and refuse to look at the reality of the situation. Humans are creatures of habit and we don’t enjoy change. Instead of being brave, we lie to ourselves and stay in relationships, jobs, life situations that no longer inspire us. This is short sighted and foolish.

Life isn’t a dress rehearsal. Go after what you really want. Dust off those dreams and find a way to get closer to them.Live a life that matches your full potential – you deserve nothing less!

Mandy X

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Appreciate the living


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Appreciate the living

When we appreciate the living, we are engaged in life and are more likely to enjoy those fleeting moments of happiness. Those moments of happiness register on our ‘happiness radar’ for a few seconds and then they’re gone. I have experienced these moments when I have been sharing a joke with a friend or even just sitting quietly next to someone I really care about.

Appreciate the living – the ones who make you smile and inspire you. Just because someone is alive doesn’t mean you have to appreciate them. Some people are mean-spirited and nasty, I certainly appreciate those people a lot less. Although, understanding WHY they are mean spirited or nasty does make it easier to tolerate them.

The world is full of amazing, kind people. I never let a good deed go unnoticed and enjoy offering genuine compliments as often as possible. I may sound a bit “Polly-Anna-ish” but I enjoy spreading goodwill and making others smile. That makes me happy.

If there is someone in your life who you appreciate, tell them. Don’t waste an opportunity to let them know how important they are to you. Life is unpredictable, savour moments with loved ones and make many happy memories along the way.

Mandy X