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Think big

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Think big

It’s important to think big because you often get what you expect in life. This may not always work in terms of expecting fame and a ferrari and getting it but it definitely works in reverse. If you have low expectations, you will almost certainly live a life of disappointment and low achievement. That’s fine if you are happy with that, but many aren’t.

I remember driving through a wealthy suburban area a few years back with a friend. As we drove around looking at the mansions, my friend said “Wow, it really is fantasy. I could never have this. This is another world”. I couldn’t help but think he was severely limiting himself by not thinking big. Why not aspire to have success, wealth, popularity etc. You may not always get what you want, but you most certainly will never get it if you set your sights very low.

Expect good things in your life and try to find ways to achieve them. Often fear prevents us from trying and we remain avoidant. For me, failure is allowing fear to win. When I embrace and overcome fear, that in itself feels exhilarating even if I fail in my attempts.

So think big and get out there and be brave. Go after what you want and don’t fear failure. Fear avoidance and settling for less than you deserve, or less than you are capable of achieving.

Mandy X

Start your own parade


Photo by Dmitry Dzhus

Start your own parade

Have you ever noticed someone doing something daring or brave and thought to yourself, ‘If they can do it then that means it’s okay for me to do it”. What I am referring to in the title of this blog “Start your own parade”, is that we don’t need permission to do anything but often we feel we do. We are socially conditioned to fit in, be nice and tow the line.

I have wanted to do things in the past or say things but have been reluctant to do so. Fear has stopped me. Fear of rejection or humiliation. Yet when I see someone else doing it, it somehow seems that I now have permission.

This concept of needing permission is just a perception though, it is a belief that I have chosen to obey. I can just as easily choose not to obey a thought or adapt an outdated belief.

Start your own parade – do what you want to do. Be brave -a pioneer, a front runner. You don’t need permission and you certainly don’t need to wait for someone else to do it first for it to be acceptable. This is what I have learned recently and I wanted to share.

So get out there, say what you want, do what you wish – be kind and be inspiring, the world needs you!

Mandy X

Just go crazy


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Just go crazy

I don’t ever swear on this blog (although I do swear a lot in my daily life…tut tut) but I just need to say this – FUCK IT. Sometimes you just have to go crazy! It’s good to break out from all the rules and rigidity placed upon us and let rip. Go skinny dipping or run naked through the rain (as long as it’s warm enough)..or spend all day in doors watching moves and pigging out on your favourite food. YUM.

Seriously, there is so much pressure on us to exercise, be good, do the right thing, eat the right stuff blah blah..it gets so boring!! I don’t know about you but I get tired of all the formality and protocols forced upon us. The more people there are on this planet, the more rules there will be and the more personal freedoms will be curtailed. Something more positive now…

This post is about giving yourself permission to just go crazy. Live a little and stop suppressing your urges – just as long as you don’t plan on doing anything illegal! Thought I’d better just add that bit in – don’t want to be misconstrued.

Be brave – tell that person you think they are cute. Pinch a strangers bum…just go crazy. Why not I say?

Some ideas if you’re lacking your own:

Fart in a packed elevator (sorry I know that’s a bit naughty but funny)

Give a stranger a hug

Tell someone how much you like them

Buy flowers for a stranger

Pay for a stranger’s cup of tea/coffee

Run around your garden naked

Spend a day under the duvet with your favourite films and food

Throw a ‘sickie’ and take the day off from work – go do something fun instead

Buy yourself a kid’s toy – like a remote car, hovercraft etc…

Wear that crazy cardigan/jumper that no one else likes but that you love

Book that round-the-world trip..just do it!

Apply for that job that you don’t think you’re qualified for..what have you go to lose?

Say something outrageous (and possibly out of character) and then leave the room

Go on a roller coaster, bungi jump etc  try something new

You get the idea – just have some fun. Break out of those ‘shackles’ and be a little outrageous..be daring. I give you permission!

I’m off for a run around my garden now …

Mandy X

PS. be kind though and do no harm 🙂


Image: courtesy of Abundant Mama


How to face your fears


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How to face your fears

What are you afraid of? Do you avoid relationships because you fear rejection? Do you avoid job interviews as you worry you will fail? Fear is everywhere but it’s mostly in our minds. I know that seems a contradiction but it is only when you face your fears that you will realise that fear exists mainly in our minds.

We have a choice about how we want to view things in life. We can see the world as a scary place where others can’t be trusted and people are out to get us, or we can accept that parts of life are like that but we can still carry on and live life without allowing self limiting beliefs to limit our opportunities.

When you face your fears, you break down the huge threat that exists in your mind (eg. I will never be able to do that, that person is better than me, no one will ever love me, I am not good enough to do that, I will embarrass myself, no one understands me, I am the only one who is alone etc) and you build up confidence in your ability to cope with the tough times and your fears.

How to face your fears

Make a list of the things you fear. For example: talking to a stranger, opening up to your partner, going to the gym, etc

Rate each fear out of ten. Ten being the most stressful, one being the least stressful.

Example: Speaking to someone on the phone  2/10

Go shopping when there’s lots of people          4/10

Speak to a stranger                                               6/10

Ask my boss for a raise                                        7/10

Being assertive with a friend                               9/10

Telling my partner how I really feel                    10/10

Start with the lowest rated fears and begin working your way up. It’s all about baby steps. The more you face your fears the less you will fear them. Either, the worst won’t happen as you probably worry about and even if it doesn’t go well, you will be challenging the fearful thoughts and showing yourself that you can still cope.

Each step requires repetition so do each one regularly. The more you do it the less it will create fear for you. The less we fear the more opportunities we get in life.

If you think you would find it difficult to try the above steps on your own, speak to a Cognitive Behavioural therapist who can help you through the process. I have done it and it works!

Mandy X