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Life’s what you make it



life's what you make it

Life’s what you make it

“Life’s what you make it” – it’s such an old cliche, but hear me out. Life is hard and I am not under any illusions about the hardships we can all face. In fact, I have faced many of them – chronic illness, heart break, poverty, fear, anxiety, rejection…yep – been there and got the t-shirt.

But whatever life throws at you, you can still choose your attitude. It’s about sink or swim. I have days when I just want to hide under the duvet and I can feel very sorry for myself. Then, after a bit of wallowing and self pity I force myself to listen to a pep talk: something like this:

“You’re wasting precious days doing things that are unhelpful and don’t make you feel any better. You can choose to focus on all the bad or you can try to find positive ways forward. You don’t have to like everything that happens to you in life but choose to be optimistic and don’t let the cruelty of life grind you down and make you bitter. Keep giving back love, hope and faith in spite of all the nonsense – that’s the best revenge”.

Every moment spent in bitterness and anger is a moment of possible joy that is wasted. Pick yourself up of the floor, stop feeling sorry for yourself and go DO something. Actions, even when the brain isn’t willing and there is no motivation, is the quickest way to kick-start a different way of thinking. Baby steps – start small, even if it means a 5 minute walk outside instead of spending all day indoors.

Work to find rational alternatives to your negative thinking… is it really true that everyone on the world is mean and nasty? That’s irrational – there are some horrid types out there but there are many examples of kindness and goodwill if you look for them. Watch what you believe, watch what you focus on and choose to live the best life possible. Accept the down days, live for the better ones and never ever lose hope.

Mandy X

12 Positive habits for a better life

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12 Positive habits for a better life

I wish there was a fool proof method for a fabulous happy life. There isn’t such a formula but there are definitely some good habits that can increase your chances of a better quality of life:

Stop making assumptions

We willingly put ourselves into a mental prison of chaos when we make negative assumptions about other people’s intentions. One thought leads to another and we soon spiral downward. If you don’t have clear evidence – lose the assumption.

Focus on what you can control

We spend to much time worrying about things we have no control over. Make sure that your worry check list includes the question – “is this something I have control over?”. Learn to let go of things you cannot control. It’s a part of life – embrace uncertainty.

Focus on gratitude and positive things

The more we look for happy events and kindness in the world, the more it naturally lifts our spirits. Make a point of doing this every day. Some people even have a “gratitude journal” and write at least 3 things in it each day to remind them of the good things in their lives as well as things they like about themselves. Humans tend to default to the negatives and this is a good strategy to counteract this.

Don’t overthink

Sometimes when we worry, all we do is worry – there is no problem solving going on and this is the worst type of worry. Learn to set aside “worry time” if need be – half an hour a day and use it to make lists and come up with solutions. Overthinking is usually an unproductive habit.

Talk to yourself as you would a best friend

Never ever put yourself down. Treat yourself like royalty. This one is so important. We all have negative thoughts about ourselves but get into the habit of identifying this negative inner talk and replace it with healthier, more supportive inner chatter.

Stop living in fear

Get out of your comfort zone regularly – it’s the only way to challenge and quieten the scary thoughts that stop us from reaching our true potential. Do a risk assessment and then go for it. Even if things don’t go according to plan, you will probably find the reality isn’t half as scary as you anticipated and you will learn that you are far more capable than you ever thought. But you won’t know this until you try -test out your fearful thoughts…

Take responsibility for your own life and happiness

When we blame others for our place in life we effectively hand over all our power to them. Take it back and take responsibility for where you are. You have the power to change things, to alter the course of your life – it is never too late. Every journey starts with that first step – you can do it. No more procrastinating.

Stop comparing

What a waste of energy comparing your life to that of others. You never really know what’s going on for others and we tend to see other people’s lives through our tinted perceptions and insecurities. If we feel we haven’t achieved financially, we will compare ourselves to those who we feel have made it in this area. Still – you never know for sure – they could be up to their eyeballs in debt. Besides, is financial success REALLY what you need to be happy?

Give up on perfection

Learn to relax a little and stop trying to control everything – it’s a losing game. Learn to work with the force of nature and the natural ebbs and flows of life. Too much perfectionism might stem from insecurity. Learn to see yourself as good enough.

Reject pressure from others and society

Part of living in a society, going to school etc is that we are taught to conform, be conventional and behave like good citizens. Be aware though of when you let your personal boundaries be destroyed by too much societal indoctrination. Learn to be a critical thinker and follow your heart not the main consensus – it dilutes our personal identity in the long run.

Be true to yourself

Do what you love, and be yourself even in the face of possible rejection. Yep, I know that’s a scary concept but oh-so liberating if you can practise it a bit more often.

Take time out

Life’s all about balance. Too much of one thing is never good. Learn to be good to yourself without the guilt. A bit of selfishness is fine now and then. Look after yourself and cherish yourself. There will never be another person like you…

Mandy X



Why you need to smile right now

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Why you need to smile right now

Right here right now, things must be okay because you are sitting down reading this blog. I don’t mean that you should automatically be happy when reading this blog…(well…..eheh), what I mean is – in this very moment there isn’t a major crisis going on.

It’s possible that you are sad or overwhelmed but the fact is that you can cope – even if it is moment by moment. When all those moments of coping get added together you will see that actually what you are doing IS coping! We underestimate our abilities and our resilience.

We can tell ourselves that we won’t cope and that life is awful but often, we find that we do cope and that each small moment is somehow bearable. This is living, this is life.

Smile because some one some where cares about you.

Smile because right now, your body is working for you – your lungs are giving you oxygen, your organs are doing their jobs and your brain is allowing you to engage with your surroundings.. and read this blog.

Smile because it is a new day. Whatever has gone before has taught you something and you are STILL here. Give yourself a pat on the back right now…or go give yourself a kiss in the mirror if you feel up to it.

Smile because, actually, you are quite marvellous. Yes – take a few minutes to think of things you have done in your life that have made you feel proud of yourself. There must be at least one thing you can think of.

Smile because even though life can be tough, you still have compassion in your heart and hope for the future. Even if at times you feel all hope is gone…it must be in there somewhere –  a little ember is burning brightly.

Smile because you have more choice in life than you realise. Look at your options and opportunities, think about the choices you do have in life and where you can have control over what you do. Choose to live in line with your priorities, not the priorities others try to shove on to you.

It’s okay – life supports you and it is unfolding as it is meant to. It may be a gray dreary day wherever you are but there are still reasons to smile. Sometimes we just have to focus that bit harder to find them.

Mandy X

Happiness isn’t always a good thing


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Happiness isn’t always a good thing

Happiness is often a byproduct of other life experiences. When we try to force it, it often ends up outside of our grasp. When we focus solely on feeling happiness we can end up disappointed and with decreased happiness as a result. It is the expectation that we set up and the result that we feel disappointed by that works against us feeling happy.

Believe it or not, being too cheerful can lead to problems as well. For some people it is so important to be happy that they deny their unhappiness, and as a result they are unable to remedy the underlying sadness. One study followed children from the 1920’s to old age. Researchers found that those that had died younger with the same people rated as very cheerful by their teachers.

Feeling happy inappropriately can also put you on a downer. It shows a level of unhealthy thinking when happiness results from the misfortune of others. This time of inappropriate happiness often occurs in people with mania.

Psychological scientists have discovered this that what appears to truly increase happiness, that is the strongest predictor of happiness is not money or external recognition through success or fame. Real happiness comes from meaningful social relationships. The best way to increase happiness is to stop worrying about being happy and direct your focus to the relationships you have with people.



References: http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2011/05/110516162219.htm

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Make your own happiness



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Make your own happiness


Everything you need to feel happy and content lies within you. Whilst it is difficult to feel happy if you are in survival mode, once the basics are met such as food, safety and shelter…there is nothing stopping you from being as happy as the next person.

How we see ourselves and our circumstances in life is where your power lies. What do you tell yourself abut yourself and your life? What would you like to believe about yourself and your life?


We all have moments when life gets on top of us and we can be hard on ourselves but the way we respond to what life hands us can make or break how our lives turn out. Instead of telling ourselves that we aren’t good enough or that we are inferior when things don’t go our way, it makes much more sense to protect your self esteem and self belief.

You can do this by accepting and realizing that everyone makes mistakes and has self doubt. We tend to be our own worst critics yet it does us no good. Beating ourselves with the naughty stick is the worst type of motivation.


Inviting positive experiences in our lives involves speaking to ourselves in a kind and empowering way. Tell yourself that everything is happening as it is meant to and that there is a reason for everything in life. Understand that challenges will always come your way, yep, some may even have you on your knees feeling out of your depth. It’s okay…it really is. We all go through it.  Success isn’t failing, it’s getting back up again. It’s telling yourself that something good is in the pipeline and that the tough times don’t last forever.

It’s also about having purpose in life and doing something with your time on earth that makes you feel that your life is worthwhile…whatever that may be. It’s different for each one of us.


Make the choice to choose thoughts that work for you. Choose beliefs that keep you feeling good about yourself. Other people’s views about you are never more important than your own.


Mandy X


Fabulous Life Tips

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Fabulous Life Tips


Follow these fabulous life tips and you’ll find ways to be happier, calmer, more in tune with yourself and fulfilled…


The power is in the present

Did you know that when you focus too much on the past or the future, it can be the greatest cause of your misery? Try to find happiness in the moment instead of assuming it is somewhere else – like the past or still to be found in the future. The more you find happiness in the present moment, where life is now, the greater you sense of happiness and fulfilment. The moment of power is the moment of experience and that can only happen right now. Joy, happiness, peace- can all be found now. Don’t fool yourself into believing happiness is lurking in the future. You waste precious life moments/opportunities thinking this way.

Make friends and family a priority

Feeling connected to others can be one of the most fulfilling experiences. A holiday, new purchase for the home or a new experience is always better when it’s shared. Make an effort to be the most loving version of you and you will receive it back in bucket loads.

Self Acceptance

When you like yourself you stop focusing inwards and begin to enjoy life more. You use your skills and abilities to explore life rather than obsessing about how you look and what others think. Give up the insecurities, others are more concerned about their own issues. Be proud that your body works for you every day, helps you to move around and communicate – it really is awesome.

Figure out what you want

Ask yourself these 4 questions:

1) What do I want?

2) What must I do to have it?

3) How would I feel when I have it?

4) So what I want is to feel………………

Repeat again to go deeper and figure out what lies beneath the superficial. You may see that what you want is the feeling something gives you rather than the object itself…can be very enlightening.

Stop playing it safe

Staying in a dead end job or a miserable relationship means that you are allowing fear to dominate your life. Imagine looking back over your life and feeling you never took enough risks. Be brave, try out life and see where it leads. Playing it safe leads to resentment, powerlessness and underlying anger. Find ways to step out more, take baby steps but try living a little more.

Happiness is something within you, it is a feeling that isn’t available to only a select few. Choose your thoughts and your interpretations wisely and you can live a happier life instantly.

Mandy X




how to be happier

How to be happier

How to be happier


how to be happier infographic

Mandy X



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emotional health

Ways to improve your emotional health


emotional health


Ways To Improve Your Emotional Health

Mental health refers to the overall condition of one’s mind and behaviour. Emotional health is a subset of mental health. Primarily, a person with good emotional health thinks positively of himself, is able to sustain meaningful relationships, can deal with his problems and manage his feelings. The following are ten ways to improve your emotional health.

1. STAYING POSITIVE: This is absolutely fundamental. A person’s emotional health is most vulnerable when difficulties or setbacks provoke negative feelings inside him. It is normal – this has nothing to do with a natural optimism or pessimism – but one’s mental strength depends on how quickly he can rid himself of such feelings and feel positive again.

It is important to feel good about yourself despite whatever others may say because once you start to doubt yourself and your abilities, your confidence takes heavy damage, which is very difficult to recover from.

2. EXPRESS YOURSELF APPROPRIATELY: Building up feelings inside can only cause bitterness. One becomes prone to angry outbursts which make him feel worse afterwards. We need to share our feelings with the people close to us and this need should not be neglected. It is imperative for an open and peaceful state of mind. But this does not mean that we burst with rage every time something upsets us. Which is why the expression of our feelings must have a sense of time, place and control.

3. LEARN FROM MISTAKES: It is easier to bemoan mistakes than to learn from them. When we moan and groan about our errors, not only do we bring ourselves down but also our loved ones. Everyone makes mistakes but only a fool doesn’t learn from them. Thus it is important that we try to rectify ourselves and not brood over them.

4. EMPATHY: We cannot afford live in society and pretend that we do not care about anyone. It instigates negative feelings which could go to the extent of violence. Empathy is therefore, a powerful instrument of mental peace and harmony. When you can see an issue through the eyes of another person it helps you to make better decisions and act in a way that impacts everyone, or at least the majority, positively. This gain of perspective rules out narrow-mindedness and fanaticism which is the root cause of so many conflicts around the world today.

5. REJECT ESCAPISM: When we face adversity or emotional problems, it is important that we do not ignore them out of over confidence or apathy.

6. THOUGHT BEFORE ACTION: Everyone is impulsive at some point in his life, but to do so consistently is a recipe for disaster. We are all overpowered by them once in a while but it is crucial to control our emotions and think before we act. Regret is very difficult to uproot once it has imposed itself on the subconscious.

7. CONSCIENCE: We all have it and it never lies. But when we are fighting with our conscience, repercussions are felt invariably in our mind and body. Emotional health thrives when you are at peace with your concise.

8. BALANCE: The universe is all about balance so it is needless to say that the mind functions optimally only when there is sufficiency on both sides of work and play.

9. OPEN MIND AND SCIENTIFIC THOUGHT: We must keep an open mind at all times and attempt to adapt ourselves to positive changes. A scientific frame of mind does not permit intolerant, prejudiced and parochial thoughts, which definitely enhances emotional health in all aspects.

10. PHYSICAL HEALTH: This maybe the last point but it is as vital as the other nine. When our physical health is in poor condition mental health and by extension, emotional health cannot be attained. Regular exercise keeps the mind fresh and in perfect synchronicity with the body. In a recent study conducted among people making new ehic applications, 65 percent opined that their emotional health had benefited from physical exercise. Also during illness, positive thinking focusing on recovery is known to be decisive.


GUEST POST by: Mathew  Williams    https://www.ehicuk.org