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The important basics of life


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The important basics of life

One way to feel safer in a world that is becoming increasingly unsettled is to remind yourself of the most important basics of life. These four things are all you need in order to live life, express yourself and get your needs met. Everything else that you think you might need are not that essential…


While you are living you are empowered. Others see you, hear you and they can touch you. You are physical presence on this earth and with that magnetic force comes a lot of power. You are in this physical world for a reason. Let go of fear and make the most of this ability you have to let others notice you as well as our power to influence others.


Your voice is there to communicate and express your wishes and your wants. You can have an opinion and you can ask for what you want. Your voice in unique to you. Don’t hide in the shadows, make the most of your voice and use it to improve your life and the world around you. It would be a waste not to.


The power house of you, the captain of the ship. Your mind is so incredibly powerful and it can help you to create the life you want. Positive thinking leads to a positive happy life – it is simple and it works. Your mind is in charge of how you interpret the world around you. Use it well, watch your thoughts and only believe the ones that work for you and keep you well, happy and coping with life.


Our hearts help us to feel connected to others and to feel that we belong. It enables us to be kind and compassionate and keep our feet on the ground.

You may feel you need money and possessions in order to survive in the world. Of course I am not naive enough to believe we can live without any money but it is worth challenging your ideas about what you really need to be safe. People who have been homeless and without a penny to spare have still been able to use the above four basics to help them get back on their feet. We are not as helpless as we think we are…

Focus on strengthening and valuing the above four basics and you’re on the right track to happiness and fulfillment.

Mandy X

In the eye of the storm

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In the eye of the storm

None of us like to be in the eye of the storm. In the thick of it where everything is going wrong, where it’s stressful and we can’t always see a way out. I want to give you a different take on being in the eye of the storm, one that might just help you to feel more comfortable about being there…

When you feel overwhelmed and stressed by life, this is the time that you gain the most in terms of personal development. This is when you realise your strengths, you get to test your mettle. So when it all feels too much, remind yourself that this is real life, you’re not observing..you’re in the thick of it. Pat yourself on the back and remember that things will calm down again.

Mandy X


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Things to do when you’re bored


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Things to do when you’re bored

1) Play – Find the invisible cow  game

Check it out hereinvisible cow game



2) Do nothing for two  minutes, mini meditation  do nothing

Click here


3) Receive a virtual hug and feel good. Click here    virtual hugs


4) Find your inner music maestro (I had such fun with this one!)

Click here                incredibox



5) Does the dog die?

Find out here whether the ending will be a sad one.

Click here


6) Write upside down

Click here


7) Killer whale follows your mouse. Waste hours here

killer whale mouse

8) Get your own drum kit…

Click here



9) Become a cartoonist!

Click here


10) Pointing at your cursor/mouse. NO matter where you point your arrow an image will display pointing at it…

Try it here


11) Mind reading genie…think of any character and see if the genie can guess it.

See if you can trick the genie here

genie guess


12) Try daft punk, make it stronger, faster ..better  🙂

Click here

daft punk fun


Well  I hope these will keep you out of mischief for a little while  🙂

Mandy X

monotony of life

Breaking the monotony of life

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Breaking the monotony of life

I don’t know about you but there are times when I really struggle with the routine and monotony of life. Another morning, another round of getting ready, doing chores and getting through the day only for it to all start again in 24 hours time. Have you ever seen the movie “Groundhog Day?”. Well, it seems to be that many of us relive the same old stuff day after day. Housework is a never-ending thankless job. Unloading and reloading the dishwasher, unloading and reloading the washing machine..and so it goes. There has to be another way…

Some parts just cannot be avoided but there are ways to reduce the mind numbing monotony that pervades many lives:

1) Try something new at least once a week.

Whether it’s a new perfume, new type of fashion or a different type of food – make sure you are introducing something new into your life at least once a week.

2) Shake your routine up, if you dare.

If you have a strict routine where specific things happen on specific days, try moving them around a little. You may wonder why you should mess with a perfectly good routine and, if it works  superbly, perhaps you can skip this step. For those of you who feel bored and need inspiration – rejigging your routine can help you to see things with fresh eyes and make changes for the better.

3) Learn something  new every day

It’s easier than ever to teach yourself one new fact every day – just get on Google and look up something that you have always wanted to know. The psychological boost is worth it – instead of feeling that you are stagnating, you will feel that each day you are that little bit wiser. If you’re really feelin daring – sign up for a university course or a part time online course.. see my post on free online education: http://thoughtsonlifeandlove.com/websites-where-you-can-learn-for-free/

4) Travel

Try new places far and near. Take a different route to get somewhere or simply drive down a road that you’ve never been down before. Exploring the globe is all part of expanding your horizons and widening your comfort zone.

5) Reject routine as a form of safety

Some structure (framework) is a good thing but it can become an excuse to remain rigid in one’s ways which ends up affecting how we think about ourselves and the world. Rigidity encourages judgemental thinking and a resistance to change. Learn to be flexible – it will improve your confidence not derail it.

6) Resist planning too far ahead

Part of shaking off monotony involves feeling comfortable with the unpredictable nature of life as well as developing the skill of tolerating uncertainty. Research has shown that the more we expose ourselves to unfamiliar surroundings and situations, the more our brains stay active and ‘enquiring’. An element of surprise and challenge also helps with reducing the likelihood of dementia.

Learning to live outside your comfort zone is the quickest route to self reliance and a high feeling of being able to handle whatever life throws at you. Learn to be flexible and adaptable and shake off the boredom that can so easily set in.

Mandy X