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How you can make the world a better place


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How you can make the world a better place

How you can make the world a better place is simpler than you think. We can all feel like cogs in a large machine – relatively unimportant and powerless. We all matter though and we all make a difference in our own way. We leave our ‘footprint’ on the world even if we are only here for a short while.

Here are the top ways that you can help to make the world a better place:

Be kind

It doesn’t cost anything and it means you are sharing positive energy with others. Spread a little kindness.

Be tolerant

Try not to judge others. Instead, attempt to understand why someone is the way they are or why they do the things they do. When we practise tolerance, it means there is a level of understanding and acceptance that others don’t always behave the way would and that’s okay.

Be charitable

If you have the means, share a little with others. Small gestures matter as much as large ones. Spend time helping those less fortunate, every small gift can make a difference.


When we smile we feel happier. It puts us in a better mood and it spreads positive energy around the planet. Smile at problems. Smile at enemies. Spread love and good feelings. It will make you happier than holding on to negative feelings. Make a choice.

Believe in goodness

Hold on to the belief that there is good in the world. The more you see the world in this way, the more you will notice positive examples of human behaviour and kindness. Of course there is bad in the world, we can’t deny this but don’t make the leap to believing the whole world is awful and evil. Keep a balanced mind.

Intervene wherever possible

Don’t turn a blind eye to cruelty or injustice. Get involved…make things right wherever you can. Whether that’s reporting an animal abuser or a human abuser. There are enough good people in the world to make a positive difference.Don’t put your head in the sand…

Take responsibility

If we all took responsibility for our own behaviour rather than looking at others, we would improve the world. We can all do our bit to preserve the planet and be good to others. What we put out is our karma.

Mandy X


Is it really possible to find ‘the one’ online?



Is it really possible to find ‘the one’ online?

Finding the perfect partner as a parent can be difficult – it isn’t just you that a potential partner would be taking on. But can you find ‘the one’ online?

As parents, our responsibility is to our children – but that doesn’t mean we should give up on finding love. Many of us are lucky to still be in a relationship with the other parent to our children but sometimes that just isn’t meant to be – and why should we give up on love just because we are a mother or father? The answer is that we shouldn’t! No one should have to give up on the idea of finding love just because they are the primary carer and in charge of another human being.

It can be tough to date as a parent – it isn’t just you that you have to consider at the end of the day – you seemingly come as a package deal and it can be difficult to bring up the topic face to face when meeting someone for the first time. This is where online dating is great. You can create your profile and be completely honest with those who view it so they will know all about you from the offset and are able to decide whether they would like to meet you or not.

We tend to punish ourselves and believe that no one will want us if we aren’t as carefree as possible but this simply isn’t the case. It can be so easy to find potential partners who are interested in you and aren’t at all phased by the fact that you are a parent – perhaps they are even a parent too. People talk about ‘the one’ as if finding him or her is a completely fruitless task but it really isn’t – and with the popularity of online dating now, you have more chance than ever to find someone who is perfect not only for you but also for your situation.

Technology means we are constantly turning to the internet more and more than real life situations – more people are using dating websites to meet people and arrange dates now than that are going out actively hoping to meet someone in their local bar or club. Online is where everyone happens to be and if we are thinking of looking for love, it is definitely where we need to be too.

I would concede and go so far as to say it certainly is possible to find ‘the one’ online – not only have you got the opportunity to be completely honest and truthful from the outset but you also are able to assess their situation too from their profile. It also can be done around your life and your hobbies – you can log on to a dating website from anywhere on your phone and check and reply to messages. Whether you’re sitting on the sofa after your children have gone to bed or standing at the school gates five minutes before they come out of their classrooms, you can log on from anywhere – and who is to say you won’t potentially find the one at this point in time?

Life is so busy now – we all have jobs to work at, families to look after and hobbies to do and looking for love often falls lower down our list of our priorities than the aforementioned things. However, we need to take advantage of the busy times in our lives and use those rare quiet moments to take a moment for ourselves and our needs – if we want to find love, we need to put in the effort ourselves even if we only take a few minutes per day to do so. Then we may hopefully be able to find our perfect partner.

Mandy X

The best possible life

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The best possible life

Don’t compare yourself to others

Don’t care about what others think

Be yourself

Enjoy the present moment

Revel in the small things – shared joke with a friend, a walk in the park…

Make time to play

Have a sense of humour – laugh a lot

Let go of the small things

Don’t take life too seriously

Try new things regularly

Look after yourself – physically, mentally and emotionally

Give love without expecting it back

Make regular time for friends and family

Strive for balance between work and leisure time

Seek out experiences over possessions

Ensure you have goals to works towards and a sense of purpose

When life seems sad and/or bad, try to see the bigger picture

There are many things that contribute towards the best possible life. These may be different for each one of us but there are some enduring aspects of life that we can all get happiness and fulfillment from. For me, living in the moment and trying not to take life too seriously are two that work well for me.

Mandy X