The key to happiness – your mind


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The key to happiness – your mind

Your mind stores your memories and it also helps you to navigate life with wisdom and common sense. The computer/storage part helps us to analyse the world, compare things and relate facts to each other. The other part, the ‘transmitter’ deals with matters of the heart. It is the transmitter part of our mind that allows us to feel happiness. Unless we understand the value of the transmitter, we will falter when it comes to interpersonal relationships. Sometimes, it just isn’t possible to logically think your way out of a problem using the computer part of the brain.

Learn to trust the intuitive transmitter, the quiet part of your mind that often ‘nudges’ you in the right direction. The quiet part that we often ignore in our quests to control parts of life that aren’t controllable (like other people – what they say and do).

Our minds can work for or against us at any given moment. Get used to tuning in to your perceptive mind (transmitter) – it is the part that helps us to be emotionally intelligent and connect with others on a deeper level.

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One thought on “The key to happiness – your mind

  1. Kyle

    This post was good, but truth be told, right when it was getting really good it ended. I love the topic you’re writing about, and I’ve seen some of your best writing. I think this post if developed a little more on the “nudging part of the brain” would have made it truly great. That being said, it still brought value to my day and I enjoyed reading it.



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