The overlap between depression and anxiety


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The overlap between depression and anxiety

I had hoped this year would be off to a good start but annoyingly, depression has raised it’s ugly head again. Suddenly, I realised I was withdrawing from others, spending more time sleeping and feeling very unenthused about pretty much everything in life.

It doesn’t help that I have been seeing someone for a few months who is struggling to come to terms with the fact that I have health problems. He was super keen until I told him about the fact that I was born with Cystic Fibrosis. To be fair to him, he is actually a very decent guy and lost his wife to cancer in 2015. Unsurprisingly he does not wish to have to go through all that trauma again.

Not that I am planning on going anywhere just yet but I guess I am more of a risk than a ‘healthy person’. The overlap between depression and anxiety is clear here. I have felt anxious about the status of the relationship for a few months now and this emotional stress has taken it’s toll, leading to depression.

Of course, I am doing my best to apply cognitive behavioural principles and keep perspective. I also ‘feed’ myself with positive affirmations daily and remind myself of all my wonderful qualities too. Despite, this, I am still human and still subject to all the rejection, fear and worry as everyone else.

I wanted to write this post to let anyone else out there struggling with anxiety and depression to remind themselves that life is a series of ups and downs. Accept that there will be down times but that the good news is you won’t stay down there forever. Take life one day at a time when you feel you are struggling and don’t take your thinking too seriously. I know that my thinking is seriously ‘off’ when I am depressed and I tend to see everything as my fault. I tend to also think about myself and my abilities in a very negative way. I do my best to ‘distance’ myself from this thinking as I know it is distorted and a product of my depressed state.

Keep your chin up(I will try too) and hopefully this dark cloud will soon clear.

Mandy X

6 thoughts on “The overlap between depression and anxiety

  1. KW

    I read some of your posts on another site today, and came here to let you know that your posts have given me clear and rational steps to helping myself and others and I really appreciate that.

    I’m in the position of having had a reasonably chaotic (though also avoidant) life and now have 1 and a half years experience as a mental health nurse. Being on that road of self-healing and also wanting to be effective in helping others not to suffer like I did, I like to learn and take inspiration from those further along the career and self-help path.

    I feel emotional when I think about how many people’s lives you’ve made a difference to without even knowing it. I want to let you know that your posts help me in reinforcing the necessary practical steps and tools to reorganise my mind and be me.

    Most of all, I came here to tell you that your life has attained a huge amount of purpose in the sense that you’ve already positively affected so many people’s lives. And that’s really amazing when you stop to think about it.

    Re your relationship issues, maybe what would ease the anxiety is some clarity. I don’t know if he has found that clarity in order to share it or not. In the end, he is attempting to make the best/healthiest decision for himself, and in response your healthiest decision may be to not subject yourself to a relationship that is push-pull/ambivalent.

    P.S Do you ever read your posts and marvel at how rational you sound? I know I do with mine! 😀

  2. BoldWinner

    Hi Mandy, I really love your post. I understand your point perfectly. I want you to stay positive and keep on looking at the brighter side. Every challenge that we currently face in life is there to bring out the best in us and lead us to our lives purpose. All these negative thoughts and feelings of depression and sadness are usually just inside our heads because of how we think. Learn to always switch your thoughts to something positive and empowering anytime negative thoughts want to creep in. It will help you stay positive and motivated because all that is needed to feel good and stay happy is to think good thoughts. Never dwell on the negative. Life is so beautiful and there are many reasons to be happy and forget our worries and challenges. Stay strong Mandy.

  3. Christine

    Keep positive Mandy, I’m still standing ,and still very much in love with someone who has moved on.
    As you know ups and downs come and go, that cloudy days become sunny days without us doing anything. So hang on in there and the sunny day will be with you soon.

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