10 secrets of wise people

10 secrets of wise people


10 secrets of wise people

There are common characteristics amongst the wise and enlightened people of this world. I have put together a list of characteristics that wise people tend to have, values they live by:

1) They are true to themselves

They keep track of their true/essential self and ensure that society, the media and authority figures do not dilute or change the essence of who they truly are. Being a people pleaser or being easily swayed is the quickest way to lose sight of yourself and of what makes you truly happy.

2) They realise the importance of living in the present moment – mindfulness

Living in the past is fruitless (unless you are learning valuable lessons while focusing on the past) and focusing too much on the future takes away the power of living your life in the present moment. This is where the true power rests – where you feel the emotions, experience the world around you through your senses and make decisions. Living in another time zone in your head is the quickest way to live but ‘miss’ your life passing you by.

3) They are non-judgemental

Wise people understand that being judgemental closes down understanding. When we live and let live we feel freer to live as we please.

4) They know better than to compare themselves. What others show us is often a limited and false version of reality

We all try to hide the problems we are facing and show the world that we are just fine and dandy. Others look at this facade presented and feel lacking on some level. Wise people know that everyone has their cross to bear and instead of wasting their energy on what others are doing/not doing, the focus on empowering themselves and enjoying their own lives.

5) Open-minded. Always learning

Wise people are well aware of how much there is to know and learn. They are humble and don’t feel the need to prove themselves to others. They have a thirst for knowledge and want to understand others and the world as much as possible. They never stop learning.

6) Emanate compassion and kindness

Wise people are not constantly bitter, twisted and cynical. Sure, life gets them down but their overall stance is one of compassion and empathy towards others. There is a lot of love and kindness.

7) Friends, family, pets and experiences triumph over possessions and status, power

Wise people like nice things but they don’t prioritise money and possessions over people and living things.

8) Love themselves, self-acceptance

Wise people make the most of what they have. They talk kindly to themselves and accept who they are instead of trying to be like someone else.

9) Try not to make assumptions – may have nothing to do with reality

Assumptions can be dangerous. They are based on thinking that has no evidence. Never make assumptions – ask for the truth instead. Be straight forward and don’t play mind games.

10) Critical thinking – think for themselves

Wise people find out things for themselves, they don’t automatically accept the consensus just because everyone else says it is so.

Being wise is something we can all be. The wiser we are, the more perspective we have and the more peace of mine we enjoy.

Mandy X