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10 Tips to Help You Make Some Memories This Holiday Season

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The holidays are a time of cheer and togetherness. And when you have a great holiday season, the memories of it can carry you through even difficult times in the new year. If you’re looking to make some memories this holiday season, check out these cool ideas.

1. Make A Family Ornament

Lots of families take holiday pictures. But if you want to remember this holiday forever, make your family photo into an ornament! It’s an activity that even young kids can help with. You can find design templates online or brainstorm ideas to make your own. If you want to start a tradition, make a family ornament every year!

2. Explore Your Neighbors’ Holiday Decorations

For a simple yet memorable experience, bundle up and take a walk through the neighborhood. If you have neighbors with plenty of holiday spirit, you can admire their holiday light displays. Or if you live in a city, you might be able to walk around and take in the downtown decorations.

3. Take A Trip

If you want your children, friends, or family members to have great memories, plan an experience they won’t soon forget! Holiday trips don’t have to be extravagant. If you want to be in the snowy outdoors this holiday season, consider renting a cabin at a national park and taking the whole family skiing or snowshoeing.

4. Do Something Good For The Community

The holiday season is a time of giving, and you and your loved ones can make great memories while helping out those in need. See if you can sponsor a family for the holidays, donate to Toys for Tots, or collect food items to give to your local food bank.

5. Play Games With Your Loved Ones

Spread the joy of the season by getting together for game night! Gather a few board games or even order some custom playing cards and get ready to have fun! Make sure you’ve got some cocoa and cookies to snack on, too.

6. Bake Holiday Cookies Together

Speaking of cookies, baking holiday cookies is a fun activity your whole family can enjoy. Decorating sugar cookies is enjoyable for kids and adults alike, and it offers you a chance to show off your creativity! Make enough for friends, neighbors, and extended family, or just make a small batch for yourselves.

7. Sing (Or Play) Holiday Songs

If you’re musically inclined (and even if you’re not), singing holiday songs is a great way to make memories. You can pick a few holiday hits and sing them together. If you play an instrument, you can play along, too. Even if you don’t play an instrument, using shakers or makeshift drums will make singing a lot more fun. If you’re confident enough in your abilities, you can even go Christmas caroling!

8. Make A Gingerbread House

Though they can be challenging at times, gingerbread houses can be fun to build. You can choose your level of difficulty on this one. Pick up a basic store-bought kit for a quick build, or draw up your own plan and make your own gingerbread for a really memorable experience! If you know of any nearby gingerbread house contests, you might consider entering if the finished product looks good.

9. Cut Your Own Christmas Tree

Picking up a pre-cut Christmas tree from a store isn’t all that memorable. But if you can find a Christmas tree farm, take your family or a group of friends and select your own. Cutting your own tree can take some doing, but with some teamwork, you should be able to cut your tree and get it home.

10. Prepare A Holiday Feast Together

Cooking together is a lot more enjoyable than cooking alone. And since lots of families celebrate the holidays with a special meal, it’s the perfect time to plan and prepare a delicious feast. Put on some holiday music, delegate tasks, and enjoy the experience of creating something beautiful together.

Bottom Line

Most of the time, people remember experiences more than they remember gifts. If you take the time to create memorable experiences for your family this holiday season, chances are good they’ll remember it for years to come.