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12 Mental Health Activities To Try With Your Kids

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Physical activity is a crucial component of a child’s development. It not only supports physical health, but it also benefits mental wellness. Physical exercise has been demonstrated to promote endorphin release, which can improve mood and lessen tension and anxiety.

Here Are 12 Mental Health Activities To Try With Your Kids:

1. Routines and habits

Routines and habits have a significant impact on mental health. Children’s mental health may benefit from assistance in developing positive routines and habits. Urge them to maintain a regular sleep pattern, schedule in physical activity, eat well-balanced meals, set aside time for homework, and restrict their access to screens during the day, among other healthy lifestyle choices. These behaviours can support children’s mental health in a beneficial way.

2. Artistic Expression

Another excellent technique for kids to improve their mental health is through artistic expression. Kids can express themselves through arts and crafts like painting or drawing without having to express their feelings aloud. Playing music or dancing are also fantastic methods for youngsters to express themselves while having fun.

3. Meditation and mindfulness: 

A child’s mental health may also benefit from including meditation and mindfulness in daily activities. In both adults and children, meditation has been shown to lessen stress, anxiety, and sadness. Simple ways to introduce the idea of mindfulness to children include teaching them simple breathing exercises or asking them to concentrate on something, like a candle flame.

4. Journaling:

Another fantastic thing students can do to improve their mental health is to be asked to keep a notebook. This gives them the freedom to express themselves without being concerned about criticism from others or any negative effects. Providing them direction on what subjects or inquiries they can write about, such as their objectives or how they are feeling that day, might be a terrific starting point.

5. Creating a Connection with Animals:

It has been proven that spending time with animals elevates happiness and lowers stress levels in both kids and adults. Spending time with animals, whether it be caring for a pet, helping out at an animal shelter, or simply playing with a friend’s dog, may be very good for children’s mental health.

6. Physical Exercise

In order to preserve both physical and mental health, exercise is crucial. In addition to lowering the risk of sadness and anxiety, encouraging your child to engage in physical exercise such as sports or outdoor pursuits like hiking can help foster better mental health.

7. Take a Walk Outside:

Children’s mental health can also benefit from time spent in nature. Children’s stress levels can be reduced and their moods can be improved by going for a walk, riding a bike, playing in the park, or simply taking some time to enjoy the outdoors.

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8. Reading:

It might also be good for your child’s mental health to incorporate reading into their daily routine. Reading increases mental stimulation and provides an opportunity for escape into a different world, all of which serve to lower stress levels and teach readers more about themselves.

9. Baking and cooking

Another fantastic activity that encourages children’s mental health is cooking together as a family. Togetherness-building activities like baking or cooking can be a lot of fun for the whole family and teach youngsters useful skills like responsibility and time management.

10. Crafts and Art:

Children can express their creativity while also thinking critically by working on arts and crafts. Encourage your child to engage in creative endeavours like painting, drawing, or sculpture so they can express their feelings without really speaking them aloud.

11. Music:

Kids can express themselves creatively while also lowering their stress levels by listening to music and practising an instrument. It’s a great method to encourage children’s mental health to simply spend time together each day listening to music or teaching them to play an instrument.

12. Technology:

Technology can distract children, but it can also be utilised in a positive way to encourage good mental health. Watching a thermal energy video for kids and participating in online activities like coding classes or educational games is a great way to keep your child involved and aid in their self-discovery while also encouraging them to use technology wisely.


It’s crucial to always keep in mind that, regardless of age, mental health needs to be taken seriously. It’s critical to seek urgent professional assistance and see to it that your child has the support they require if they are experiencing mental health difficulties. Children who receive the right care and attention can live happy, fulfilling lives free from mental illness.


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Mandy Kloppers
Author: Mandy Kloppers

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