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5 Interesting Facts About Dentists

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Dentists play an important role in taking care of our oral health. There is more to these professionals who maintain our oral health than just fillings and regular check-ups. Dentistry is a unique field enriched with intriguing history and fascinating facts many may be unaware of. This article will discuss five intriguing facts about these oral health professionals!

5 Fascinating Facts about Dentists

Ancient Origins 

Though Dentistry and Dentists may seem dull, there’s a long history attached to these names. Dentistry is one of the oldest professions followed by humanity throughout the decades. Reaching far back to 3000 BC in the Indus Valley Era, the first recorded dentist was an Egyptian known as Hesi-Re, though little is known about him. Archaeological researches suggest that dental traditions and practices have been widely followed in ancient civilizations such as Ancient Egypt, Rome, and Greece. Did you know? Dentists were known as “scribe doctors” in Egypt and were highly regarded for their skills.  

Evolving Inventions 

As the oldest profession, dentistry has continuously evolved and made major contributions to several inventions throughout the decades. One of these was the invention of the electric chair. Hard to believe that an oral health expert invented it, but in 1881 a well-known dentist named Alfred P. Southwick observed an intoxicated man who mistakenly touched a live terminal generator and died. Afterward, he concluded that electrocution was a far more humane form of punishment than others and created the electric chair.


Several major medical discoveries started in the world of dental hygiene. A particularly noteworthy one is the discovery of anesthesia. A dentist named Horace Wells in the 19th century experimented with notorious oxide to reduce pain during dental procedures. This resulted in the development of modern anesthesia techniques, which rapidly reformed dentistry and other branches of medicine. This discovery has made dental procedures and treatments less painful and comfortable for patients and also allows access to more complex procedures!

Advancing Technology

Just like any other field, dentistry too has gone through many technological advancements to improve and enhance patient care and oral treatment procedures. There are many technological tools to help perform complicated procedures easily. Technical evolvements such as digital X-Rays, intraoral cameras, etc., have allowed dentists to obtain and perform accurate diagnoses, provide precise treatments, and offer more painless, efficient solutions. 

Furthermore, such improvements have streamlined communication and enhanced access to dental care, especially in remote areas.

Dentistry is a High-Paying Profession

Dentists are highly respected not only due to their profession but they are also very honest. Dentistry is a top career in the US and a great career to pursue. Besides that, they also earn hefty salaries; some of the highest-earning dentists in this field are oral and maxillofacial surgeons, Orthodontists, and even general dentists!  

A few years of extra training and residency to become a dentist is worth the lucrative salaries. Among all dentists, oral and maxillofacial surgeons are the highest-paid in this field. Most people practice dentistry due to these factors.

They Promote Overall Health

Since dentists specialize in instantly identifying and recognizing problems, they can easily detect your daily habits, such as how often you brush or floss your teeth, just by looking at them. Maintaining good oral health is connected to our overall well-being, and dentists have a crucial role in promoting our overall health. Routine dental check-ups not only aid in identifying and treating oral problems but also facilitate early detection of systemic diseases like diabetes, heart disease, and specific cancers. By examining the oral cavity and its tissues, dentists can recognize potential indicators of underlying health concerns, working in collaboration with other healthcare providers to ensure comprehensive patient care.


Dentists are not just healthcare professionals who take care of not only our oral health; they are an extremely crucial part of our entire well-being. Oral health is not simply limited to the mouth; it is closely linked to our overall health and well-being. From their primitive origins and history to their innovative practices and approach, dentists greatly impact our society. Their skills in recognizing and identifying oral diseases and contributions to improving dental health and technology are truly remarkable. The next time you see the dentist, take a moment to appreciate the role dentists play in our daily lives and the fascinating facts about them!

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