5 Natural Therapies to Improve Body Health

Natural therapy is a form of alternative medicine that is not backed scientifically or whose negative or positive effects cannot be supported by any clinical trials. It is a way of approaching an individual’s health without going through the same channels as Western or modern medicine.


Some of these practices follow a more traditional approach and have been around for so long that the World Health Organisation cannot ignore their importance. However, before choosing to involve yourself with any of these complementary and alternative medicine forms, do your due diligence. While some of these practices are good for your health, others are overhyped by the internet.


This form of Traditional Chinese Medicine involves inserting thin needles at specific points on the patient’s body. Chinese medicine is one of the oldest and most longstanding forms of treatment.


They believed that the human body has ‘life energy’ flowing through specific channels in the body. When the body faces a disease or illness, these channels are disrupted, interfering with the flow of energy. The energy is referred to as qi and pronounced as ‘chi,’ and it flows through channels called the meridians.


To restore the flow of qi, sterile hair-sized pin needles are carefully inserted at acupuncture points within the meridians. Ensure the practitioner is licensed and qualified to perform this on your body.

Shamballa Reiki

This is one of the many forms of Japanese traditional medicine. It is based on the principle of ‘laying hands on the points in the body that lack life energy. It is similar to massage therapy. However, Reiki involves a softer touch on the body compared to massages.


It is believed that healing is achieved when the practitioner transfers ‘universal energy to the patient through touch. Reiki has no known harmful effects on the body. Clinical research has also proved its importance in promoting sleep, reducing nausea, and promoting feelings of relaxation in patients suffering from depression and anxiety.

Halotherapy or Salt Therapy

Sometimes referred to as dry salt therapy, this alternative medicine involves inhaling microscopic particles of salt in specific amounts. It is mainly used as alternative medicine when treating issues relating to lung and breathing difficulties such as bronchitis, asthma, coughs, etc.


Salt therapy arose in the 12th century when people made it a habit of visiting salt caves as treatment. Its popularity increased when salt miners in the 1800s were noted to have better resistance to respiratory conditions and an unusually healthier immune system.


Modern technology has recreated these salt caves in therapeutic rooms such as spas. By using a halo generator, practitioners can break common salt into tiny particles and deliver it into a room. The 3 SALT FX Halogenerators can be purchased and used to build a salt room in your own home.

Holistic Nutrition

The key to a healthy body lies within the foods you eat. Food supplies the body with the energy and nutrients it needs to survive. It repairs broken and torn tissues prevent the body from infections, and strengthens it. Eating the right food will steer you towards a healthy body.


Fermented foods have grown in popularity for their use in treating inflammations and preventing the accumulation of harmful pathogens in your body. Examples of these foods and supplements include probiotics and Sauerkraut.


Some foods have also been linked to weight loss by promoting digestion, fat burning, and detoxification. This helps the individual maintain a healthy body free from diseases and illness.

Herbal Remedies

Herbal medicine is probably the oldest, most accepted, and most widely used treatment system. It is based heavily on plants being natural healers and containing therapeutic properties. Some of these plants are commonly used and are most likely in your pantry, while others are rare species that can only be found in specific parts of the world.


Herbal remedies are delivered in the form of herbal teas and infusions, tinctures or extracts, syrups, powdered forms, tablets, and topical preparations. Some of these treatments can be backed up scientifically and have been proven to work. For example, elderberry helps prevent flu and flu-like symptoms, chronic fatigue syndrome, nerve pain, etc. Simple dermatological problems can be solved as well, such as with coconut oil for dry skin Ginger and turmeric are popular anti-inflammatories that help with allergic reactions resulting in sneezing, while eucalyptus and elderberry are used for nasal decongestion.


Maintaining a healthy body involves more than the conventional approach to medicine. Natural therapies should be used with caution and with the guidance of a licensed practitioner.

McKenzie Jones
Author: McKenzie Jones

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