5 ways to feel happy now

5 ways to feel happy now



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5 ways to feel happy now

1) Believe that you have choices

One of the quickest ways to feel miserable is when we feel trapped and feel stuck in life. What we believe can expand or limit our lives so be careful what you choose to believe and focus on. How different would your life be is you truly believed that you had choices. Look around you and be inventive and creative – there is always a way forward.

2) Believe that the future can be bright

When hope flickers, we can cope with immense amounts of stress. Believe that the future will be good, How is it helpful to believe that your life is awful and will never improve?

3) Understand that most people have boring lives

We often tend to believe others have amazing lives and that we have boring ones. The truth is that most people have pretty mundane existences. Anyway – it doesn’t matter where you are or what you are doing if your mind is miserable. Attitude makes life better. I am not saying that life doesn’t suck at times and of course that happens to all of us but what we decide to do about it and how react can be the difference between resilience and cracking up.

4) Believe that you are amazing

This one is non negotiable. There are no advantages to believing the worst about yourself…none. Speak to yourself as you would a best friend. When you do catch yourself being self critical, stop yourself and say “That’s a negative statement, how is that helfpul to me?” Then try to rephrase that into something more realistic. Eg: I am worthless because I can’t find a partner – into: I may not be able to find a partner right now that that does not automatically mean I am worthless. I am good at this….I can do that well…… etc

5) Live in the moment with gratitude

Too much “what if” thinking that is negative will depress anyone.Focus on what is good in your life and try to live for the moment. The power is in now.

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How would your life be if you truly believed all of the above? If you feel it would improve, ask yourself whats tops you from these positive beliefs? Your insecurities? Your own mental blocks? You can choose to perceive your life in any way you wish – choose a good reflection to live and love by.

Mandy X