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5 Ways to Overcome the Unhealthy Habit of Overeating

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Eating too much food in a single sitting or consuming extra calories daily are common overeating habits that can prove difficult to overcome. For some people, such eating behaviors are considered to be habits they can stop. However, for others, it may indicate an eating disorder, notes the Cleveland Clinic.


As time passes, overeating can cause weight gain and raise your likelihood of developing chronic conditions, including obesity, diabetes, and heart disease. Nevertheless, overcoming this unhealthy habit can be challenging whether you have an eating disorder or simply like eating too much. Still, with the right strategies and approaches, you can easily stop this habit.


Here are five effective ways to overcome the unhealthy habit of overeating:

1. Drink Sufficient Water to Stay Hydrated

If you consult your online nutrition coach regarding ways you can overcome the unhealthy habit of overeating, they’ll tell you that staying hydrated is vital. Water is essential for all your body organs and brain cells to function properly. According to nutritionists, your body requires a minimum of eight glasses of clean water to operate optimally and burn out excess body fats.


Additionally, apart from the ability to quench your thirst, water helps in reducing the feeling of hunger and removes body toxins. Also, avoid taking soda and coffee as they are known to drain water from your body, and if you drink them, ensure you drink more water to maintain your body’s optimal hydration level. Ultimately, staying hydrated will help you curb the unhealthy habit of overeating.

2. Track Your Diet

Reading useful food journals and diaries and leveraging diet tracking applications can all aid you in curbing the unhealthy habit of overeating. Besides, staying informed about nutrition and diet matters by reading food diaries and journals can help you identify poor eating habits.


According to nutritionists, tracking your diet assists in making you more aware of what you consume. This awareness will help you adhere to your dietary plan, thus losing or maintaining a healthy body weight.


You can leverage food tracking apps to record the type of food you consume and when you consume it. Once you have mastered this and developed a new habit, you can start tracking other aspects. For instance, the quantity of food you consume and the calorie components of meals and snacks.

3. Eating Fiber-rich Foods

FDA recommends consuming soluble and insoluble fiber. Often, these fibers can help you feel full for prolonged periods, assisting you in curbing the unhealthy habit of overeating.


Research conducted in 2015 discovered that participants who consumed oatmeal during breakfast felt fuller for a prolonged period. In addition, they consumed less food for lunch than those who took cornflakes for breakfast.


You can get fiber from different plants, including but not limited to:

  • Oats
  • Whole grains
  • Fruits, particularly berries and fruits with peels
  • Peas, lentils, and beans
  • Most veggies, including leafy greens and sweet potatoes

4. Eliminate Distraction While Eating

Are you fond of eating while busy doing other tasks? If so, it’s time to eliminate distractions at the dining table. In 2013, a study revealed that being distracted while eating can lead to an average increment in immediate food consumption. Likewise, you’re more likely to experience a significant increment in the food you take throughout the day.


Eliminating distractions when eating enables your body to focus on the task at hand and avoid the possibility of ingesting extra calories for a particular meal. Therefore, ensure you switch off or stay away from your TV, smartphone, laptop, and tablet when eating. Ultimately, this will contribute to you overcoming the unhealthy habit of overeating.

5. Don’t Skip Meals, Especially a Healthy Breakfast

A healthy and well-balanced breakfast diet is the most important meal you can have for the day. Also, taking your breakfast assists your body in jumpstarting the metabolic processes, reduces cravings, gives you an energetic mood, and offers your body essential proteins and vitamins. Moreover, a healthy breakfast is vital for maintaining healthy body weight.

Final Word

Are you a victim of an unhealthy eating habit? Well, you don’t have to be too hard on yourself. Instead, embark on a journey to adopt a healthier lifestyle one step at a time. These five ways of overcoming the unhealthy habit of overeating can kickstart your journey.

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