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6 Key Things To Consider When Choosing The Fabrics For Your Hotel

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Hoteliers always search for the perfect combination of fabrics to equip their rooms. It’s a big decision – after all, the materials you choose will play a significant role in creating the overall atmosphere of your hotel. No matter your style, there are certain key things you should always consider when choosing hospitality fabrics. In this article, we will explore six of those factors.



First and foremost, you’ll want to consider the fabric’s weave. The weave determines the overall look and feel of the fabric, as well as how it will stand up to wear and tear.


There are different types of weaves to choose from:


Plain Weave: Plain weave is the most basic type of weave. The warp and weft threads interlace in a simple over-under pattern. This produces a sturdy and long-lasting fabric but not particularly lustrous or smooth. It’s a good choice for upholstery or drapery fabrics that will be used.


Twill Weave: Twill weave is more complex than plain weave, but it results in a more robust, smoother fabric. In a twill weave, the threads cross each other in an over-under-over pattern, which gives the fabric more strength and stability. It’s often used for heavier fabrics like denim or canvas.



When choosing the fabrics for your hotel, there are a few key things to consider. The first is the type of finish you want. Various finishes are available, from matte to glossy, and each has its benefits. 


Matte finishes are more durable and easier to clean, while glossy finishes offer a more luxurious look and feel. Remember that darker colors show dirt and stains more quickly, so you may want to avoid them if you’re looking for a low-maintenance option.



When choosing the fabrics for your hotel, understand the type of available yarns. 


  • Wool is a warm, durable fabric that is perfect for winter bedding. It is also resistant to stains and wrinkles. 
  • Cotton is a soft, breathable fabric that is perfect for summer bedding. It is also inexpensive and easy to care for. 
  • Linen is a fantastic, durable fabric that is perfect for summer bedding. It resists wrinkles and stains well, but it can be expensive.
  • Silk is a soft, luxurious fabric that feels amazing against the skin. But can add to the cost. 
  • Polyester is an inexpensive, durable fabric perfect for high-traffic areas such as lobbies or hallways. It does not wrinkle easily and comes in many different colors and patterns.


4. Colours


Color is one of the most important things to consider when choosing fabrics for your hotel. The right colors can create a warm and inviting atmosphere, while the wrong colors can make a space feel cold and unwelcoming.


There are a few things to remember when selecting colors for your hotel fabrics. First, consider the overall theme or style of your hotel. You want the fabrics to complement the overall design aesthetic. Second, consider the specific room or space you are trying to update. The colors you select should be appropriate for the use of that space.



When selecting suitable fabrics for your hotel, remember a few key things. First, you’ll want to consider your hotel’s overall style and theme. What kind of atmosphere are you trying to create? Is it a sleek and modern space or a more traditional and classic setting? The fabrics you choose should complement the overall aesthetic you’re going for. 

6.Care Instructions


Taking good care of your hotel fabrics ensures their durability and best appearance. Here are some key things to consider when choosing the proper care instructions for your hotel fabrics:


  • Fabric content: The first thing to consider when choosing care instructions for your hotel fabrics is the content of the fabric. Different fabric materials require additional care instructions, so choosing instructions specific to the fabric you’re working with is essential.


  • Usage: How your hotel fabrics will be used will also affect your chosen care instructions. For example, if your fabrics will be used in high-traffic areas, you’ll need to choose instructions for dealing with heavy traffic.


Making your hotel’s interior comfortable and welcoming for your guests begins with selecting the appropriate fabrics. With so many options in the market, it can be overwhelming to know where to start. But by keeping these critical considerations in mind, you can narrow your choices and find the perfect fabrics to fit your hotel’s style and needs.


Photo by Albert Vincent Wu on Unsplash

Mandy Kloppers
Author: Mandy Kloppers