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6 Ways Your Body Heals While Sleeping

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Recent world events have left many people scrambling to find ways to relax. If you can’t relax, you may not be able to sleep well. Below you will find wonderful reasons to fight for quality sleep and tips to help you enjoy it.

1. Sleep Cleanses the Brain

Our bodies produce melatonin as light exposure lowers. As this hormone is released, antioxidants are released into the bloodstream to get busy cleansing your tissues. During the deepest layers of sleep, these antioxidants travel through our bloodstream and pick up free radicals. Because free radicals damage tissue, short sleep times lessen the time both melatonin can work and lower the benefits of this antioxidant release. Brain health is particularly impacted by poor sleep.

2. Poor Sleep Impacts Your Weight

Sleep deprivation has a strong connection to obesity. Obesity contributes to diabetes and is linked to many forms of cancer. Limited sleep is also tied to permanent tissue inflammation, which can also contribute to the risk of cancer. If you’re fighting to manage your weight, start with setting a healthy bedtime routine and prioritize sleep. If you have trouble sleeping, aromatherapy such as a sleep inhaler can do the trick.

3. A Great Sleep Aids Your Spine

Make sure your bed and bedding matches your sleeping style. If you’re a tummy sleeper, you will likely need a firmer mattress. If you’re a side sleeper, you need a much softer mattress. Quality sleep on a good mattress will take pressure off your spine and allow tissues to heal and muscles to fix tiny tears. If your goals for a healthy life include a regular workout, your sleep need becomes even more important.

Carefully study your sleeping space and do your best to get rid of light sources. Heavy drapes are a good start, as is moving the television, phone and tablet out of your bedroom. Keep the space as cool as possible. Your core body temp drops as you fall into the deepest, most cleansing layers of sleep. The cooler your sleeping space, the easier that will be.

4. Quality Rest Means Healthier Skin

As we sleep, more collagen is generated by our bodies. In addition to fighting wrinkles, collagen rebuilds connective tissue in our joints. If you’re fighting wrinkles and sagging skin, take a hard look at your life schedule and make more room for sleep. Do your best to stay hydrated and keep your fluid intake both high and healthy; it makes much more sense to get up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom than to either wake up with a leg cramp or with a dry mouth and skin. If you use a nighttime moisturizer, try to use something light to avoid a sticky feel that may distract you in your sleep.

5. Sleep, Blood, and Bone

Research indicates that sleep is critical to healthy bone marrow. Because it’s healthy bone marrow that both maintains healthy bones and helps us fight infection with white blood cells, the benefits of quality sleep actually stretch far into our future. For those with a family history of osteoporosis, dietary changes and the addition of weight-bearing exercise are of course critical. Quality sleep is another factor that will protect your bones far into the future.

6. Healthy Rest, Healthy Heart

Finally, quality sleep can protect your heart and make it easier to keep your heart effectively exercised. If you sit all day, you bear an increased risk of spinal damage and even blood clots over time. Movement will obviously help, but a heart that is strong and efficient in moving blood around the body will also be of great help. When you can get away from work and move, do so. Get enough sleep to recover effectively from your efforts.

Closing Thoughts

Poor sleep has an impact on your attitude, your outlook on life and your brain health. Many of us have felt the frustration of not being able to think after a poor night of sleep. If you find that your brain is often sluggish in the morning and you must have a stimulant to focus, it’s possible you need to set your bedtime back 1/2 an hour.


Tracie johnson
Author: Tracie johnson

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