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7 ways to overcome procrastination

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1)List the advantages and disadvantages of procrastinating from the task

Draw up to columns on a sheet of paper and list the advantages and disadvantages. Remember, procrastination has many advantages: it is easy, you don’t have to face the possibility of failure, you can do something else more pleasurable. It is important to recognise the advantages as they may be too good to give up. Weigh the advantages against the disadvantages. You may learn that the task is just not right for you.

2) just do it

Your expectations are usually worse than reality. Like get into the constant pool, it is better to just jump in.

3) Plan it

Put it in your diary, or on your ‘to do’ list. Make it part of your routine rather than having to think about it. Start the day with your least pleasant task, then the day gets better. Decide on a specific time to get started.

4) Break the task up into smaller parts

If the task is overwhelming, do it a piece at a time. For example, just plan to do 15 minutes’ worth of work; often the sense of achievement will motivate you to do more. Mix the task up with more pleasurable activities and carry it out little and often.

5) Think differently

Challenge distorted thinking such as ‘awfulising’,’ black and white thinking’, and’ jumping to conclusions’. Concentrate on how good you will feel when you have done it. Lower your expectations. Aim to do an adequate, rather than a brilliant job.

6) Plan rewards and reinforcements

Reward yourself with something once you have done the dreaded deed. If it doesn’t work out as well as you hoped, you the experience as valuable learning.

7) Set deadlines and work towards them

Say to yourself, ‘I will have done before the end of the week, or the end of the year’.


Write down what you are putting off:


Write down the advantages and disadvantages of putting it off




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