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8 Reasons to Take a Stress Relief Weekend in Oregon

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It is easy to become stressed in today’s busy lifestyle. One of the best ways to relieve this stress is to take a long weekend trip to Oregon. Here are eight compelling reasons why you should head to Oregon for the weekend to relieve stress.

Amazing Adventures

There is adventure around every corner in Oregon. What better way to burn off stress than by getting the adrenaline pumping? Some of the most popular adventures in the state include hiking the towering Mount Hood, soaring in a hot air balloon over the Willamette Valley, mountain biking around Smith Rock, and enjoying a whitewater river rafting adventure. You will forget all of the troubles of everyday life when you are immersing yourself in all of this excitement.

Unparalleled Wine Country

Although Napa and Sonoma typically grab all the headlines for their wine-tasting venues on the West Coast, Oregon also boasts an unparalleled wine-country experience. The Willamette Valley is the focal point of the state’s winery scene. McMinnville wine country makes a great home base as you explore dozens of tasting rooms set against an amazing backdrop. Southern Oregon near Crater Lake is another good spot to explore if you want to make wine the centerpiece of your trip.

Bustling Bend Brewery Scene

Oregon is also known for its bustling brewery scene. Although Portland offers the most breweries in number, beer aficionados will also appreciate a trip to the mountain resort town of Bend. Here you will find the flagship location of the Deschutes Brewery along with dozens of other innovative breweries along the famous Bend Ale Trail. There is no better way to soak up the vibe of Oregon than by enjoying a pint of hoppy beer surrounded by the region’s gorgeous natural scenery.

Legal use of Cannabis

If you need something a little stronger than wine or beer, you will be glad to learn that recreational marijuana is legal in Oregon. The state has been a pioneer in the production and distribution of marijuana for this purpose. From edibles to concentrates to flowers, you will find it all in Oregon at the state’s many dispensaries. A visit to a dispensary in Cottage Grove, OR is a great way to kick off your trip of relaxation.

Stunning Coastline

Although you will not find loads of sunshine and palm trees, there is no doubt that Oregon’s coastline is stunning in its own right. Take a trip down U.S. Highway 101 to see some of the most beautiful and pristine beaches in the world. Cannon Beach makes a great destination if you want to relieve stress with long walks along the beach or hikes in the hills rising up over the coastline. Soak up the views around you as you feel the stress and anxiety leave your body.

Big City Experience

While Oregon certainly offers a beautiful representation of Mother Nature in all her glory, you cannot discount the fun to be had in the city of Portland. Blow off some steam and feel your troubles melt away with a trip to Oregon’s largest city. Catch a Portland Trailblazers NBA game, relax in the beautiful Portland Japanese Garden or Washington Park, browse the collection at The Portland Art Museum, and more.

Fresh Seafood

Why not eat your way out of your stress? Because of its coastal location, Oregon is flush with an abundance of fresh seafood options. The crown jewel of the state’s offerings from the sea is the iconic chinook salmon. Other popular options that you can find in plentiful amounts include a steaming bowl of creamy clam chowder, a fresh-steamed Dungeness crab, delicious oysters, and Oregon pink shrimp.

Tax-free Shopping

There is no better place for a weekend trip than Oregon if you love shopping. Avid shoppers routinely visit Oregon because the state does not levy a sales tax on retail items. Take advantage of the absence of a sales tax by shopping til you drop. You will find a wide array of retail options in the state, ranging from traditional malls to vintage shops.

These eight reasons combine to make Oregon the ultimate weekend escape if your goal is to relax and let go of stress.


Regina Thomas
Author: Regina Thomas