emotional wellbeing

Coercive control – the signs and what to do

Coercive control can be difficult to identify and you might have been in a relationship…

Cognitive behavioural therapy

The amazing benefits of therapy

  Therapy can seem a daunting prospect. Talking to a stranger about your innermost fears…

mental health

My life with a narcissist

It started off well enough. Our first date went pretty well. I thought he was…

emotional wellbeing

Wellness retreats for burnt out corporates

Wellness Programs To Improve Your Physical, Mental & Spiritual Health   We live in such…

emotional wellbeing>Travel

Abandonment Trauma

Abandonment trauma is a type of psychological distress caused by feeling abandoned or rejected. It…

emotional wellbeing

The jobs that narcissists and empaths are drawn to

There aren’t any existing careers that are exclusively narc-filled or for empaths only. Having said…


Do Dating Sites Really Work?

Online dating is simultaneously phenomenal and terrible way to meet new people. It can be…


8 Ways to Get Unstuck and Help Find Your Purpose in Life

A lot of people go through life feeling that they’re trapped. After all, feeling uninspired,…

emotional wellbeing

6 Amazing ways to improve emotional well being

Get out of your busy mind Stop overthinking life. Do what is necessary but don’t…

mental health

The difference between Aperger’s Syndrome and Social Anxiety Disorder

Asperger’s syndrome is part of the autism spectrum. While doctors no longer use the term…


Tactless People – what to do with them

The people who are the hardest to love are the ones who need it the…

mental health

Am I a victim of relationship abuse?

It’s not as easy as you might think to identify signs of abuse. It’s quite…

emotional wellbeing

Signs that you are an emotional punching bag

No one likes to think of themselves as an emotional punching bag. Sadly, it doesn’t…

emotional wellbeing

6 Things The Most Productive People Do Every Day

In case you are just recently visiting Earth, well, things have slightly changed since 2019.…

emotional wellbeing

Boyfriend makes me feel I am crazy

    Boyfriend makes me feel I am crazy Emotional abuse is widespread and hugely…

mental health

Examples of manipulative behaviour

We’ve all been exposed to some type of manipulative behaviour in our lives. Whether it…

mental health

How to move away from codependency

The root of codependency is the fear of abandonment. In order to move away from…

mental health

Harry and Meghan – a psychological analysis

Harry and Meghan are an interesting combination. Both have had family issues and both Meghan…


How to Develop Healthy Relationships

Human beings are social creatures.  Even the biggest introverts amongst us don’t always want to…


10 signs you are in a dead-end relationship

Sometimes we get so used to being in a dead-end relationship that the misery we…

mental health

What happens in a therapy session

The idea of speaking to a complete stranger can be very daunting for many people.…

emotional wellbeing

6 Signs You May be Experiencing Anxiety

We all have mental health. It’s about our thoughts, feelings, and actions. It decides how…

mental health

Four Reasons Why Your Next Trip Needs To Be a Digital Detox (Hear Us Out!)

If you’re planning a getaway sometime soon, why not turn that trip into a ‘digital…

emotional wellbeing

Signs that your relationship is based on lies

Liars can be oh-so good at it. Some people were just born to lie and…

emotional wellbeing

Tips on Protecting Your Mental Health When You Work in a Helping Profession

Professionals like nurses, therapists, counselors, and social workers — those who spend most of their…

emotional wellbeing

What is doomscrolling?

Doomscrolling, meaning obsessively scanning social media and websites for bad news, can promote feelings of…

emotional wellbeing

How to spot a fickle-minded person

It is not hard to spot a fickle-minded person. They are the ones that continually…

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