marriage counselling

Marriage counselling can save a relationship, especially if it’s not left too late. When couples struggle with communication or frequently argue, marriage counselling can be the saving grace.

Marriage counselling helps to improve communication, improve goodwill between two people and can help cement the bond between two people. You can discover your strengths and wekanesses and work together as a team instead of working against each other. Often, over time, monotony sets in and both husband and wife begin to feel tired and unappreciated. Resentment builds up and then communication begins to suffer. More assumptions are made and this ultimately can damage the relationship beyond repair. Marriage counselling can also be seen as a maintenance therapy – to keep a couple strong instead of only being used in a crisis.

It is more of a failure to not seek help than it is to seek the extra help and save a good relationship.

The most common marital problems ar related to finances, lack of understanding and empathy towards each other and differing libidos. Talking to an objective third party can help resolve a relationship that is stuck in a rut where the communication is ineffective and neither person makes any effort to talk anymore. Marriage counselling isn’t about blame and an effective therapist will NEVER take sides. Instead they will work on improving the common ground you share as well as build on the existing goodwill that exists.

The worst thing you can do is leave it too late until there is so much hate and no love left. Therapists aren’t miracle-workers.


Photo by Samantha Gades on Unsplash