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  • I think that it is so important to communicate with young people because I think that is when they either find our way in life or lose themselves in a cloud of depression.
    If we adults were once depressed and yet found our way out of it into a brighter happier place
    then we are better placed to guide the vulnerable young ones to where we are.
    Of course, talking doesn’t guarantee that all lost ones will talk, listen and follow our advice.
    However, I still think it is always worth making the effort because reaching out can sometimes make the difference between hope and hopelessness.
    One thing I am convinced of is that no one is born to be depressed, however social conditions can and often have led to individuals becoming depressed(myself included).
    If we can make the world we live in a better place, then that may reduce the chances of young people becoming depressed and losing their way in a cloud of depression which many people remain blinded by sometimes for years.
    It is heartening to know that you seem to be such a thoughtful and caring person.

  • the article on why we don’t owe our parents anything is very well written. i hope that this reach out a lot of parents who think that their children OWE them their life.

  • One of the most difficult things for me in my life was to honestly understand the value I had in myself. I relize that sometimes you have to do some positive self talk, focus on your strengths, and especially not compare youself to others. Now I know that my purpose in life is for me only and no one can take away what’s in my heart. Thanks for highlighting those principles they really have worked for me too even in my Christian walk. Great post!

  • I read your article on dealing with intimidating people and watched your video about domestic abuse. I found very good information in both.

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