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Dealing with tactless people

Dealing with tactless people

Dealing with tactless people takes a little insight into their behaviour. Instead of personalising their tactless remarks or behaviour, see it as an issue with them, not you.

The truth about tactless people

Some people really have no sense if what is/isn’t appropriate to discuss. There are a few reasons for this. Either they lack empathy and do not consider that their comments will be hurtful or their ‘tact filter’ is damaged in some way – perhaps due to past experiences or learned behaviour.
Whatever the reason, it can be upsetting being at the receiving end of another’s tactless comments. Often the person being tactless will mean no intentional harm and will have no idea of the damage they have caused.

Despite the fact that what they have said will have hurt or offended you, imagine this person going through life constantly uttering verbal “faux pas'” and creating unease wherever they go – that’s much more of a burden to live with.

Nurture self belief

That is why it is so important to have a strong sense of self. This way, when others try to ruin your confidence or have a go at you, you can listen intently, take on board what they are saying but ultimately not let it destroy your confidence. Your opinion of you should always outweight other people’s opinions of you – you make the ultimate decision as to how you wish to see yourself and define yourself.

Constructive advice/criticism (although I don’t really like the word “criticism” as it conjures up negative connotations) is always useful and can be a valuable tool in self improvement but it is necessary to filter other people’s comments in a balanced way in order that you may benefit from an alternative perspective and use it in a positive rather than a negative way.

Tactless individuals ultimately have much more difficulty in maintaining relationships, the issue is theirs and you can take comfort from this.
Head up, maintain dignity and do not let their thoughtless comments get to you!!


Mandy X

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