Dogs are great for mental health

dogs good therapy

There are many stories of how dogs are great for mental health. In fact many animals can be excellent for mental health. Spending time with animals releases oxytocin – a feel good hormone.

I have become allergic to my Yorkshire Terrier and miss him so much. I still get to see him but he has to stay away for quite a lot of time as he affects my breathing and worsens my asthma. Dogs are wonderful company. They offer unconditional love and make wonderful companions.

If you suffer from mental health issues and love animals, it’s a no-brainer.

For more info on dogs, here is an interesting blog:

Mandy X

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  1. I totally agree! I’ve had dogs and the occasional cat all of my life. Now I’m without any pet since I lost my sweet Marco…a hundred lbs of pure love. He was my rock. He kept me grounded and now he’s gone. I miss him every single day and I know it contributes to me feeling the most unhappy in my entire life. He brought joy to my life every day. Can’t have another pet right now and I’m not sure I can bring myself to get another when this chapter of my life is over. I’m exhausted from taking care of others and need to start caring for myself or life will surely be over.
    I’m sorry you had to give up your baby because of allergies, but I’m glad you can still see him occasionally. Hope you’re doing better. Thinking about you each day and sending positive thoughts and prayers you’re home and feeling better very soon. We worry and care much about you, Mandy. You’re the best. Thank you. xox

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