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EdFringe sees premiere of SWAN SONG

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Premiere of SWAN SONG: A one-woman show—with two women

Edinburgh Fringe 2023 –

4th – 12th Aug at Greenside at Infirmary Street Venue 236 (Ivy Studio), 19:35-20:25

Swan Song will make you laugh; make you cry and make you want to call your best friend.”


“Absolute slander.” – My ex


Two solo starlets – who just happen to be best friends – fight for centre-stage in a theatre that has been double-booked. This is a raucous comedy about pink Razr phones, awkward crushes, hot vegans, and the power of female friendship.


Swan Song is an original work by Jo Brodecki and Fiona Collinson about two desperate actresses who arrive onstage expecting to perform their magnum opus only to discover- they’ve been double-booked! Through a series of wacky vignettes, physical comedy, and letters from lovers past, our two divas must attempt to share the spotlight and tell their stories in tandem. Along the way, Jo and Fiona peel back layers of the fourth wall, poking fun at the tropes of one-woman shows and the absurd quest of trying to make it as an actress.


Ultimately, our two protagonists find power in collaboration, learning that each of their shows could not exist without the other. Swan Song is a comedic ode to friendship, theatre and the ones who keep us going when we lose sight of ourselves.


Jo and Fiona met at the University of Southern California School of Dramatic Arts in 2010 and are firm best friends. They have since produced multiple short film and theatre productions together in New York City and Los Angeles. Their work focuses on female-centric stories that are comedic, but with dark edges. Recent works include short films Waiting and Monday Morning, and Molly Smith Metzler’s Cry It Out at the off-Broadway Gene Frankel Theatre in New York City. They are incredibly excited to premiere their original work, Swan Song, at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.


Jo Brodecki – A New York-based actor and writer. She most recently performed in Molly Smith Metzler’s Cry it Out at the Gene Frankel Theatre in NYC. Feature Films: Friend Divorce. Short Films: WaitingMonday Morning. British American Drama Academy ‘12. BA ‘14 in Dramatic Arts, University of Southern California. @jobrodecki


Fiona Collinson – Originally from the UK, Fiona is a Brooklyn-based actor and writer. Most recent theatre performances include Molly Smith Metzler’s Cry it Out at the Gene Frankel Theatre & Moonchildren at Shetler Studios in NYC. Short Films: WaitingLocker Room Talk. Feature Films: Friend Divorce. British American Drama Academy ‘12. BA ‘14 in Dramatic Arts, University of Southern California. @ficollinson


Kristen Kelso – A Brooklyn-based theatre director, performer and translator. She most recently directed Molly Smith Metzler’s Cry it Out at the Gene Frankel Theatre. MA ‘20 in Performance Studies, NYU. MA ‘18 in Translation Studies, UT Dallas.



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