Funding and menopause

Funding and menopause

It’s a bit of an odd title – funding and menopause.  These are two separate topics that are only related because they were both in my mind as I fell asleep last night. Funding, menopause….menopause funding….I was repeating these in my head as I needed to action them today and couldn’t be arsed to turn the light on and write them down in the notes of my phone. So, I use a little memory trick to try remember things I need to do the next day. I take separate topics and try to merge them into a memorable image.

In this case, it was a comical image of an old lady holding lots of cash. That did the trick as I remembered it this morning. I have started a new business ( whereby I am planning to expand mental health services to businesses. By offering cognitive behavioural therapy privately to employees as well as by holding mental health clinics every so often to offer resources and general info to employees. It’s all still in the planning stages though. I’ve been thinking of ways to obtain funding for this venture.

As for the menopause, I realise that this may make me seem really really old but to tell the truth, I still feel very young at heart, maybe not so muhc in my little old bod that is starting to feel the strain, but in my mind I still feel very young. I know that I will never stop learning but I also hope that as I have grown older I have learned to shake stress off more than I used to, care less about what others think and generally live my life as I see fit. I am work in progress of course, as we all are.

We rarely open up about our random thoughts and that’s why I decided to write about this. I get many intrusive thoughts. Some good, some not so good. I pay more attention to the kinder thoughts and do my best to dismiss the thoughts that are unhelpful – the ones that are fear based or self critical. They can definitely go! I also tend to notice the intrusive random thoughts when I’m not focused on anything specific – like when I am driving or falling asleep.

I remind myself regularly that my mind has a reality of its own and that reality isn’t necessarily matched to what is going ono externally. I have learned not to listen to my thoughts as much as notice, sometimes with amusement, the crazy queue of thoughts vying for my attention. You don’t have to pay them attention..thoughts aren’t facts.

Mandy X


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