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8 Best Examples Of Mental Health Educational Video For Students

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With the Covid 19 pandemic ending, many people suffer from mental health issues. These issues can also arise due to social media and technology, which has led to cyberbullying. Mental health issues are becoming increasingly common among students. So, if you are a student or know someone suffering from mental health problems, share mental health educational videos with them. 

How Can Mental Health Videos Help A Student?

No one can look at a person’s physical attributes and say they are suffering from mental health conditions. Instead, most mental health problems concern our brain. And videos are one of many media entertainment methods that can stimulate our brain. Here are some of how animated videos can help a student suffering from mental issues. 

  1. Visual representation of critical mental health concepts can help students quickly understand and memorize the subject. 
  2. Animated videos are fun to watch and can effectively engage students and impart much-needed knowledge. 
  3. When we are not sure what words can best explain to our kids a key concept, visual representation can convey the message in a better way. For example, we can choose a video with just animation or very few words to explain a concept. 
  4. We all know that small kids are not very attentive; thus, we can use impressive visuals to catch their attention.

8 Best Examples Of Mental Health Educational Video For Students

When choosing the right mental health educational video for a student, we are often confused about the kind of video we should pick. This is primarily due to two reasons. First, we have many options online, and secondly, we are not sure which video is best for your child’s age. We can also make a collection of mental health educational videos and create an attractive Video Promo for the collection to attract an audience.  


So to solve this problem, we have categorized mental health educational videos for students into kindergarten, primary, middle, and high school.

Mental Health Educational Videos For Kindergarten Students

These are some of the videos that will be ideal for a kindergarten student. 

1. Talking Mental Health

We adults often forget that a small child cannot simply understand the meaning of complex emotions like sympathy and empathy. And to help us convey these emotions to our children, mental health videos from Anna Freud National Center for Children and Families can be of great use. 


This video talks about different types of emotions that a person, long-term or short-term that a person experiences. It also teaches us how our children can convey and deal with these emotions. By depicting emotions in characters, this video teaches children that they could also have a tough day, and it’s okay. Moreover, this video is made using stick man sketches which are somewhat like what children draw on their notebooks, giving out a familiar vibe to them. Small kids also do the voiceover of characters in this video to ensure that kids will pay attention to the content. 

2. Child Mental Health

This video by ShinShin Tang also talks about emotions through fictional creatures. We can use this video to teach our children why we feel things and how it is a creation of our brain. This video uses lively animations to demonstrate how small children pay attention to every detail and come to terms with their emotions. The video has the perfect mix of fiction and non-fiction to fit children’s wavelength. Thus, this video teaches them important lessons in an enjoyable way. 

3. Tom Has Separation Anxiety Disorder

Tom has Separation Anxiety Disorder is a video by TeenMentalHealth.Org that deals with common mental health issues that children in Kindergarten face. It portrays anxiety as a fictional character called the worry dragon, which comes at moments such as making new friends, the first day at school, and some other worries that a kindergarten student faces. It also depicts how the worry monster will go away by telling your parents about any adult. In this way, kids are taught an important lesson that they should convey their emotions to an adult. 

Mental Health Educational Videos For Primary School Students

Mental health video that is ideal for primary school students is – 

4. Lucy’s Blue Day

Children often relate to colors, and this video also uses the color of Lucy’s hair to signify emotions. Lucy is shown confused and confused about how to change the color of her hair, i.e., her emotions. Here students are taught that they cannot control the waves of emotions they may experience. 

Mental Health Educational Videos For Middle School Students

Some mental health videos for middle school students are as follows – 

5. Inside Out

Inside out is a famous animated movie that depicts the story of the mind of an 11-year-old girl named Riley. We can show this movie to our children to make them understand the five basic emotions: joy, anger, fear, disgust, and sadness. Furthermore, the movie clips from this movie that explain why a particular emotion behaves in a certain can be shown to our kids to make them aware of the consequences of their feelings. 

6. We All Have Mental Health

This video is made by Anna Freud NCCF is for an audience of age 11-14. It portrays the lives of two different stories, teenagers Sasha and Andre, who are coping with mental health problems. We can show it to teenagers as it is made to suit their minds and teach them about mental health. Teenagers are often faced with issues during adolescence, and this video perfectly understands their experience and helps them cope with it. 

Mental Health Educational Videos For High School Students

Mental health videos that will be ideal for high school students are as follows – 

7. Teen Health: Mental Health

Produced using data and scientific facts from Penn State PRO Wellness, this video is ideal for young adults. In a world where a vast majority of teenagers suffer from mental health issues, this video acts as a beacon of hope and creates awareness among them. 

8. Overcoming Anxiety – BBC

This light-hearted animated video by BBC deals with anxiety among adults. The video depicts the life of two students struggling with anxiety in their lives. We can see in this video that emotions are accompanied by dramatic motions, which give us a literal view of how these people are feeling. This is done to clarify these emotions and help us understand how it feels to be in that situation. We can surely learn a few lessons from this video about complex emotions and understand the urgency of such a condition. 


We can show our kids some videos to teach them about mental health. There are many more videos on the internet that we can use to teach these complex lessons to our school-going kids. 

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