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How to Build a Healthy Relationship with Yourself and Others

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Relationships may be the most important thing in the world. As complicated and complex as the world we live in today is, everyone can benefit with assistance in creating and maintaining the best possible relationships. There is little more important than the relationship that parents have with their children. Bringing up the next generation in the often chaotic world of today can be difficult at best. There are other key relationships including between partners and friends.

An Important Method for Getting Better at Parenting

A highly successful way to get better at doing your job as a parent is something called a ‘Parenting Coach’. Many people are unfamiliar with this term and the entire concept. Some do not understand why they can’t just do whatever it was that their parents did to raise them and they think they came out just fine.

What is a Parenting Coach?

A parenting coach is a trained and usually certified individual who helps parents, many of whom are struggling, find a better way to raise their children. Coaches help their clients make clear what they need and want as they guide their kids through childhood and sometimes further. They also teach methods of reaching those goals and help create stronger and more harmonious relationships within the family.

If all this information about what a parenting coach does sounds wonderful to you and you think you would like to explore the concept of becoming a coach yourself, how do you proceed? How do you achieve parenting coach certification? There are several highly reviewed parenting coach certification programs throughout the United States. Often these are intensive educational programs that average about six months. Programs teach interested and qualified people how to do work they will love and bring their best to families in need.

Relationship with Your Loved Ones

Another vital relationship that can always use improvement is that between spouses. Even if spouses seem to ‘get along’ there are many opportunities for growth between the two. In fact, these tips can help improve any relationship, with family members in a larger group, friends, and even with a person and themselves!

Here are some tips to help improve relations and aim for a better relationship.

Be yourself

How can you expect others to be true to themselves if you haven’t gotten there yourself? It’s also much easier to be yourself than pretend to be something you are not

Keep Your Life in Balance

You can’t expect a friend or spouse to be your ‘everything’. People need to find a balance and have opportunities to do things with others or even by yourself.

Be Dependable

Take responsibility for fulfilling your promises. If you make a date, keep it.

Fight Fair

Keep in mind that you need to rake a few moments to calm yourself, focus on the subject at hand, and take responsibility for your own mistakes. Also, remember to use I statements and not you ones. You can only take responsibility for what you do or say.

Realize that not all issues between two people can be resolved in an easy and quick way. Especially with couples, problems may have been building up for months or even years. They will not be solved in one short time segment. Even with a trained counselor some problems and issues may take a long time to resolve.

Establishing Good Relationships

It is also wise to be sure you understand that some relationships cannot be repaired or you might choose not to want to spend the time and effort it might take to do that. Sometimes you need to walk away and end the relationship.

Always remember that everyone deserves to have loving and special relationships. There are five things that need to be part of a healthy relationship. They include:


Good communication is the keystone of a successful relationship, no matter with whom this relationship is.


Everyone is entitled to respect from others. Really listening and waiting for your turn to talk. You both don’t need to agree, but you do both need to listen and hear what the other is saying.


Having your partner’s back is crucial in a relationship. Having someone that you know will always be there for you helps to cement your relationship.


If you cannot trust your partner you do not have a healthy relationship. Trust is earned but it does not always come in the beginning of a relationship. It can be rebuilt, not that’s not always going to be accomplished in evert situation.


Everybody needs to have their own boundaries and know that their partner will respect that.

Closing Thoughts

Relationships are not always easy and often quite hard but it is the key to having a full, well-balanced, and healthy lifestyle. With these tips in mind, you can work towards establishing a healthy relationship with yourself and others.

Tracie johnson
Author: Tracie johnson

Tracie Johnson is a New Jersey native and an alum of Penn State University. She is passionate about writing, reading, and living a healthy lifestyle. She feels happiest when around a campfire surrounded by friends, family, and her Dachshund named Rufus.