How to Document Your Child’s Birth During Quarantine

How to Document Your Child’s Birth During Quarantine

Childbirth during quarantine is very different; some folks are considering home births while others do their best to reduce the number of people around during the event. Still, one thing that hasn’t change is the desire you have as a parent to document the moment, and the following guide will help you do just that. 

Photography Means Everything 

Many parents are worried about COVID-19, especially if they have to go to the hospital, which is the reason they are planning their due dates differently in Houston and elsewhere. The number of health care professionals present has been reduced, which should give you the freedom to hire a professional in newborn photography. Search for the best options in your area, for instance, if you are living in Houston search for newborn photography in Houston, or search by your location. 

Since your siblings, parents, partner’s parents, partner’s siblings, and family friends won’t be there, pictures are much more important. Some people are thinking they can take pictures on their own, and while that may be true, a professional can capture more than just an image; he or she can capture the emotions. Being able to do that for the rest of the family is more valuable than you can imagine. 

Drawing in Virtual Support 

Pictures, even professional ones, are an important way to document the moment, but the feeling you get from experiencing something in real-time shouldn’t be dismissed. One important way to document your child’s birth is to use today’s technology to draw in virtual support. 

The people who wanted to be there with you can still be there if they use virtual video chat rooms. You can use your phone to show them everything you are seeing or as much as you are willing to show. The video would be raw; the emotions would be raw, and the experience would be personal, which is the point. These types of videos can be saved and used later on. 

Documenting Using a Videographer 

The next thing you have to consider is hiring a videographer. Yes, you probably could capture video on your phone, which is great, but you should have a professional there with you. This is like having a photographer who can capture live video of the moment. 

The equipment can capture high-definition images and should be able to capture moments you might not even think to capture. The good thing about having a professional videographer there with you is that he or she could cut your video images into a final product that you can all enjoy. Music, clear sound, and more could be added to the video that you can share with your family afterward. 

Don’t Forget About Journaling 

A lot of attention is placed on the birth, but your emotions are still important and should be captured. The good thing is you have a lot of ways you can capture your feelings. Journaling doesn’t just mean writing your emotions in a journal. 

If you want, journaling could mean recording videos of you expressing your feelings throughout this experience. These thoughts could be added to your main birth video, or it could be edited into a separate video. It’s something you can look back on or something you can share with your child as he or she grows up. 

External Thoughts are Important 

You aren’t experiencing this birth on your own. There are other people in your circle of friends and family members who are sharing this with you. Sometimes, things are overlooked, but everyone has feelings about this birth, and it may be important to document that, too. 

During quarantine, being able to see how others feel about this joyous event might be exactly what you need. It can perk you up and help you during this joyful yet anxious time. Ask if family members and friends want to have their thoughts about your baby’s birth documented. You can even work on specific questions you’d like everyone to answer to make these videos much more genuine. 

All of these are ways to capture the moment, and they are all important. Consider doing everything mentioned here and anything else that comes to mind because even though you are under quarantine this moment is still one of the most important moments in your life.