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Healthy relationships

Healthy relationships

healthy relationships

Healthy Relationships

Healthy relationships don’t just happen. It takes effort to keep things flowing smoothly. I see many couples who are stuck in a rut where their communication has disintegrated and they are strangers living in the same home. Once communication starts to deteriorate, physical intimacy goes ‘out the window’ and the slippery downhill slide begins.

Mandy offers couple counselling to help restore good quality communication. This is vital for a healthy realtionship. Relationships need five factors to make them work.

Two important foundation blocks are shared commitment and shared values. Do you want the same things from the relationship in terms of commitment or does one of you only want something casual with no talk about the future? When it comes to shared values – do you see the world in the same (or a similar manner) way when it comes to religion, politics, life style, bringing up children etc.?

Three other important building blocks:

  • Emotional compatibiliy
  • Intellectual compatibility
  • Physical compatibility

Having the above 5 elements is akin to having the keys to the car. You can get in and start the engine but how well you manage to drive the car will depend upon your communication skills, the ability to compromise and empathise with your partner.

Think of couple counselling as a regular way to do a check up on your vehicle, a regular service!

Cognitive behavioural therapy for couples/Couple counselling

Mandy offers online skype therapy for couples requiring help. Face to face sessions are also available if you live in the United Kingdom. The cost for an hour’s session is £120.00. Relationship counselling can make a huge positive difference to the longevity of a relationship and help to put the relationship back on track.