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How to improve mental health and well-being if you work as a freelancer?

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Mental health has a lot to do with one’s well-being and quality of life. However, even if one has all the conditions, a stable income and a flexible schedule with the possibility to work from home, it has nothing in common with a guarantee of good mental health. Unfortunately, people always seek more and can get tired of the routine. We reveal how to keep on top psychologically when you get stressed and have issues working independently. So let’s dive into that!

Create and follow your schedule.

The daily routine is a must for everyone who dreams of success, not just for working-at-home people. It is not about the necessity to wake up as early as possible. It would help if you listened to yourself. If you want, open your eyes at 6 am with tea or coffee, or take a nap until noon. What is important are the actions you perform after that. Get your body and mind used to the schedule and follow it. That will make all the activities easy, as long as you turn them into habits.

What does healthy sleep give you?

Performing some actions regularly, like waking up and going to bed, is an effective psychological tool. Thus, you train your body, your short-term memory works better, and you get an improved ability to concentrate. A schedule will allow you to work effectively. As long as your sleep is an essential component of wellbeing, you better have rest at the same time. The best sleep will give you less fatigue, a reduced addiction to caffeine, and a better mood. As long as your body gets sufficient rest, you will feel less pain and have heightened vigilance.

How not get trapped working at home?

When one works from home, one does not spend time on public transport, dressing up, walking or see others. For an introvert, it sounds like heaven. Indeed, there is no need to go out of the shell. Yet, people are social creatures and require new impressions. What happens when you are always at home? Nothing. What can you do about it? Add time for your walks, do sport, arrange meetings with friends, and devote time to family. New ideas, experiences, and skills enrich life. Also, do not forget your favourite activities. Hobbies are lifesavers. By doing those, you will not burn out by working all time.

Separate living space from workspace

A freelancer vividly needs the order. He has to avoid distractions at the place where he usually gets rest. Home is that type of place. Besides, there are dishes in the sink, meals to cook, and a dog to walk outside. The common mistake is to leave everything as it is and do your best to concentrate. That demotivates. Instead, it would be better to only organize a room or space for working. It is easier when it is about your laptop, needed books, etc. Also, when you are dressed for work and are in that room, all you think about are your daily tasks.

Coworking zone

Try an alternative option if you attempted a few times with the previous tip but failed. It is ok because you may not be the only person at home who has needs. You may have family, children, or pets. Thus, it is twice as important to go to a coworking space. You will find a workplace, concentration, Wi-Fi, community, and complimentary coffee and light snacks. So you will get all the conveniences at a reasonable price. Also, you will dress up, go out, and meet different people. Moreover, you will return home with completed tasks, earned funds, a better mood, and adequately devote time to your beloved ones.

Delegate tasks to others

Another good skill to acquire is to delegate whatever you can. That includes responsible judgment. For example, you are great at generating ideas. However, you can not stand describing everything on paper. Trust My Paper will be the helping hand for such cases by writing essays of high quality on any topic. Thus, you will get the result and devote much time to the tasks that require your attention.

Listen to your rhythm.

It is acceptable if you wake up and start solving small and unimportant tasks first. Doing a bunch of functions and closing them gives people much pleasure. You are potentially gaining momentum and counting your small victories. However, when one does complex tasks in the first place, he increases productivity in the long run. It is so because he does not have any waiting jobs and lost deadlines. Still, arrange your schedule according to biorhythms. Do not postpone them to the evening if you feel more energy to do the most complicated duties in the morning. After dinner, it may take you twice more time than if you completed the job after waking up. Pay attention to that factor, and you will feel the power!

Limit your time on social media

“But my work depends on that!” One may reply, and we understand that. Indeed, one can use social media to find clients and perform respective SMM tasks. It may be lead generation, digital, and social media marketing. Yet, let’s be frank, how often do you want to check something work-oriented but find yourself watching funny videos or content of a favorite influencer? That is it, procrastination. You can read more about this eventual postponing of important and urgent tasks. To prevent procrastinating, you better limit social media, disable notifications, or remove unnecessary apps from your devices. That will save you time and may lead you to more healthy habits. For example, you can start walking or do some yoga instead.

Automation of your processes

Freelancers usually communicate with different people. They perform tasks, clarify bottlenecks, reply to potential clients, whatever. They send many documents, posts, and e-mails per day. It’s time to automate these processes. We have an idea to hire any service of the Writing Judge list to write some samples of social media posts for you. Then, sign up for CRM and automate processes. Include invoices, different reminders to your team or clients, e-mail marketing templates, or appointment forms. After that, all you need to do is copy-paste or set the time for auto sending.

Learn to say “No.”

Listen to it if your sixth sense tells you that you need some rest. Please do not agree to deal with a task when you see a client who promises you a fortune and has no precise technical specifications. Know what it takes from you. If you feel that your cooperation will be problematic and you do not need that, you have the right to decline it politely. Some people find it difficult to say no, but it is ok.

Set a strict time when you end up working

Everyone chooses the optimal amount of time he should spend on work tasks. Limiting the number of working hours has a double positive effect: you work more efficiently using your time and stop overworking.


People may check e-mail accounts at least a hundred times a day. They wait for an immediate response or want to reply fast too. The truth is that by limiting e-mail time, you communicate effectively. That reduces the number of messages. Besides, you include all the necessary information for the client or colleague.

Make it easier for yourself. Invest time in automating and self-development so that your business works for you, not the other way around. Then, use the tips to make your life better. Good luck!


Lillie Jenkins is a creative copywriter and content writer. She has worked as a copywriter since school, so her writing skills are well-honed. She works as a copywriter at the popular writing center BestWritersOnline. She writes publications in such fields as marketing, business, education, and personal life. More than writing Lillie loves to travel and read professional literature.

Mandy Kloppers
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