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How To Live Your Best Life

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Everyone wants to live his or her best life. The details of this lifestyle will always slightly differ depending on the person that you ask about it, but there are always overarching themes that pop up for everyone. These common elements will be outlined here in greater detail, and they include setting goals for yourself, focusing on your health, finding and pursuing your dream career, learning how to maintain a positive outlook and much more.  

It’s important to note that while not every day will be perfect and wind up exactly how you expect it to, you are in control over eradicating any bad habits and overall changing your life around. It’s up to you to mould the life that you want.  

Set goals for yourself  

Take a moment to set some life goals for yourself. This could include anything and everything, whether it’s career-related, in relation to your self-care routine, making a point to spend more time with family and so on. These goals are something concrete that you can work towards, and it will help keep your life on track. 

Focusing on your health  

Your health and wellbeing are always directly tied to your quality of life. Thus, to feel and look good, there are a number of habits that you should make a point of maintaining. This includes: 

  • Staying hydrated 
  • Eating well-balanced meals 
  • Sleeping 7-9 hours at night 
  • Exercising everyday 
  • Maintaining good hygiene  
  • Meditating  

There are undoubtedly additional self-care habits that will come up along the way. No matter what habits you end up adopting, always make sure that you tailor them to your current lifestyle and routine.  

For instance, in order to work out every day, be realistic about what form of physical activity you can do, depending on your schedule. Do you have time for visiting a gym? Is it more reasonable to work out in your living room or go for evening runs around your block? You always have many options available as to what you can do.  

Finding your dream career  

When you wake up in the morning, it’s important that you feel a sense of fulfilment coming out of the job that you go to every single day. In other words, you should make a point of pursuing your dream career and your aspirations in life. Why not take a leap of faith on yourself? Whether that’s starting your own business, or even if you learn several years down the line that you want to make a lifestyle change. 

For instance, if you begin prioritising health, you may discover a newfound interest in physical activity, especially if you started frequenting the gym lately. Who is to say that you can’t become a personal trainer, for instance, if this is something that has piqued your interest?  

Of course, you should be sure about your decision considering that it will be your source of income, but the good news is that there are plenty of institutions that offer you the possibility to get a PT certification UK

The option for changing your career path is always within your reach if you so choose.  

Maintain a positive outlook 

Your mindset will affect everything that you do throughout your day to day. Think about the last time you woke up in a bad mood, or you felt stressed, and how these emotions took control over everything else during that particular day.  

Maintaining a positive outlook is often easier said than done, but you can certainly train yourself to do this. You might be wondering, how? You must start by focusing on your strengths and everything good that happens in your life, as opposed to the bad. There will always be a mixture of both, and it’s thus up to you to decide which aspect you want to focus more of your attention on.  

Practice meditation 

Meditation is known to boost mental health and elevates your quality of life, so long as you practice it. This is yet another habit that can be hard to master within the first few weeks or even months, but with enough time, you will become an expert at it in no time.  

Meditation requires you to stay completely still, while you focus on your breath and the present moment. After all, thoughts of the past and future often creep their way into your mind, and they can cause a chaotic train of thoughts to ensue. Meditation, on the other hand, helps combat this when it is done properly. There are plenty of applications and other online resources that you can use to learn how to meditate. 

Spending quality time with loved ones  

The people that you spend most of your time with will furthermore impact your life greatly. It is for this reason that you should make a point to spend quality time with loved ones, and do it more often rather than less.  

When was the last time that you sat down at a family dinner with your parents? When did you last see your closest friends, or when did you go out with them last? Your loved ones are important people in your life, and you should always make room for them, regardless of how busy everyday life can sometimes become. 

Make a point of journaling 

Journaling your thoughts down can be yet another source of meditation, so long as you keep up with it. Once you have ideas floating around in your mind, whether they are positive or negative, you should get them down on paper. This will moreover help you control your train of thought much better.  

Learning how to live your best life is far from something that should cause any level of anxiety in your life. Instead, it’s vital that you do and take everything slowly. There is no need for you to find your dream career overnight, and if you often eat junk food, for instance, it will take some time for you to eradicate this out of your diet.  

That being said, you have to start somewhere, so what better time to wake up each morning feeling like the best version of yourself than now?   

Mandy X

Mandy Kloppers
Author: Mandy Kloppers

Mandy is a qualified therapist who treats depression, anxiety, OCD, PTSD, trauma, and many other types of mental health issues. She provides online therapy around the world for those needing support and also provides relationship counselling.