I’m fed up with Covid-19

Mandy counselor

I’m fed up with Covid-19. It’s been a stark reminder of how powerless we really are despite feeling we ‘own’ the planet. Humans are fallible and although I am fed up with Covid-19, I am pleased that it has reminded us of our place in the grand scheme of things.

Having said that, it’s hard living day to day with a sense of ennui and boredom. Every day seems the same and a little stagnant. Almost as if life is on hold. What a weird year 2020 has turned out to be. I feel very isolated at home and shut off from the world. I know many others feel this way too as I have been speaking to clients whilst working from home.

Many people feel demotivated and cut off from others. We are all living parallel lives but only connecting digitally. Is this the new way forward? I have felt affected mentally – waking up in the morning has been harder. Facing another day of the same stuff hasn’t exactly motivated me to get out of my warm bed. It’s mind-boggling to think about how this virus has affected people’s lives:

People have lost their jobs.

Many are experiencing financial difficulties.

Relationships are feeling the strain when both parties are stuck at home with very little to do.

Many people are feeling depressed and/or anxious due to the reduced workload with more time on their hands.

Forms of escapism have diminished – eating out, gyms, going to the pub etc

Travelling abroad has pretty much stopped forcing people to explore locally.


I miss travelling abroad. I miss feeling free and feel quite trapped at home. Not knowing when this will end isn’t helping either. There is no guarantee that we will find a vaccine. Hopefully it won’t be too long but in the meantime we have to do the best we can and accept the situation.

Ways to cope with Covid-19


So this is what I have been doing to stay semi-sane

Working from home but not overworking – it’s all about balance

Watching Breaking Bad (and before that Ozark – really good!)

I use a great app called Mindpal to keep my brain functioning well and it’s a form of mindfulness each day.

I listen to music and have created a few happy playlists on Spotify

Seeing friends when I can

Seeing my son as often as possible

Sleeping in (one of my favorite guilty pleasures without the guilt)

Reading – My current book is “Untamed” by Glennon Doyle about how to stop people pleasing. I am also reading “Man’s search for meaning” by Viktor Frankl (depending on my mood). This book is a great leveller and puts life in perspective as it’s about an Austrian Psychiatrist who spent time in Auschwitz.

Eating out when possible – although doing much less of this due to Covid-19

Going to the pub – doing less of this too!

Oh yes – and spending more time looking scruffy. Going out takes a bit more effort these days as I have gotten out of the habit of putting makeup on and decent trousers!

Acceptance and gratitude are two ways to manage this time. They both help to relieve anxiety. Hang in there – it won’t be this way forever. Feel free to write to me with your stories. It would be great to connect and publish people’s stories on how they have been coping during the Covid crisis.


Mandy X

Main pic – me working from home. I like the lighting – you can’t see my wrinkles 🙂


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