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Life sucks sometimes

Life sucks sometimes

Life sucks sometimes

It’s a fact, life sucks sometimes. People come into your life and steal your heart and then leave just as quickly as they entered.It’s hard to open up again and take the risk of letting someone else in. Should you trust them with your fragile feelings? I guess life is a risk and you can protect yourself forever or you can be brave and try to let love back in again. Life sucks for various reasons not just due to fading relationships.

I am writing this as it is close to my heart and I like to use this blog to write about all sorts of things. My own life serves as inspiration for blog posts, especially when I know there are many others experiencing similar things. I try to use hard times to learn and apply my professional experience to heal. I use this to help others if I can and to support my clients going through similar things. No one is immune to life, no matter how much ‘wisdom’ and/or knowledge you have.

Being rejected for something you have no control over is tough. He loved me until I told him I had health issues and that was that. He hung in but not for too long. Heart break central! His loss…

Be Philosophical

You have to believe that things happen for a reason. Being philosophical can be a blessing in life. Some things are beyond our control – like the feelings and thoughts of other people.

Focus on you

What needs to happen – focus on yourself, the only thing you can control. Make the most of yourself, never put yourself down and know that you are special whether someone else recognises it or not. Don’t allow your value and self worth to be wrapped up in the validation from others. Easier said than done but work on loving who you are. Someone who doesn’t want to be with you doesn’t deserve you in the first place. A broken relationship leaves you free to find the person who will love you, warts and all.

Well, that’s what I tell myself and it seems to work most of the time! Life sucks but always remember it won’t (thankfully) stay that way. Visualise yourself in the future, happy and carefree again. Each day, every second – you are closer to that happier place!

Mandy X

3 thoughts on “Life sucks sometimes”

  • Dear Mandy,

    Sorry to hear about your bad experience. I know all too well how hard it is to be dissapointed in a relationship. It is really gruelling. I’m 42 years old and have spent more than 20 years looking for the ‘answer to life’ which also answers the questions on love and relationships. At 41, I finally found it! This made total perfect sense to me, and after more than a year, I’m still convinced this is the only correct explanation to life and relationships.

    In our western society, we believe life is supposed to make us happy, but in reality, life is a long series of difficult challenges, for everyone. So, life is difficult and apparently, it is supposed to be. We also look for happyness in a relationship: If only I could get the perfect relationship, I would be happy…. However, that means we are focussing on something in the future, and robs us from actually enjoying the present moment, the now.

    Now for the key realisation of relationships: No other person in the world can make us truly happy, the only person in the world that can make us truly happy, is ourselves. Only you can make you happy. The reason why we look for happyness outside of ourselves in a partner, is because this is a tactic of our ego to prevent us to see who we really are in our deepest core. Our ego will always make us look at the past (and regret things there) or to the future (what we want to achieve to be happy), or at the present and tell us what is wrong with it right now, robbing us of the opportunity to experience the present moment in all it’s beauty. The only way to become truly joyfull in life, despite all it’s difficult challenges, is to know your deepest being, to know yourself as consciousness.

    I found my answer here:

    I must say I would not have understood this without guidence, I went to a 5 day retreat where someone introduced me to this alternate (opposite) way of viewing the world. The shocking realisation is that everything we learn in our western society is actually the opposite you need to learn to feel true joy. (in India or Tibet for instance, a percentage of people grows up with the right view) I understand these concepts now, but have not fullly mastered them using them myself(because it’s hard to get rid of 42 years of bad training 🙂 ), but I’m on my way and am much more joyfull than I was before I understood how life really works.

    Hope this is an interesting insight.

    Best regards,


  • I’m sorry, Mandy that someone hurt you that way. Stay strong, confident, and keep faith that the ‘right’ person is out there for you. A person who will see the special woman that you are and who will love you because their life would be less if you’re not in it, even if it isn’t for ’til you’re old and gray. Don’t give up hope about that either. I pray every day that a cure will be found and that you will continue to fight the odds because you’re that strong. XOX

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