Manage Anxiety

Manage Anxiety

managing anxiety

How to Deal with Anxiety, Worry and Stress

Anxiety is a part of life but many of us aren’t very good at managing its effects. Many of us just don’t know how to manage anxiety. Mandy specializes in helping clients to find a more peaceful way of life with less drama and angst. Research conducted by the National Institute of Mental Health has shown that anxiety disorders are the number one mental health problem among women, second only to alcohol and drug abuse among men. Anxiety results from the accumulation of stress over time. We are currently experiencing more stress than ever before and learning to manage anxiety has become even harder to accomplish. Our environment and social order has changed, the digital age has created more social comparison, leading to a false sense of inferiority and deprivation. Life is uncertain, this is guaranteed and that fact alone creates anxiety for many.

Anxiety can be triggered by many different things – some triggers are internal (the way we think and bodily sensations) and some are external (the behaviour of someone else or a particular circumstance/event).

The way we interpret what happens to us rather that what is actually happening is key in learning to manage anxiety effectively.

Six week programme  – Manage Anxiety

Mandy offers a 6-week programme to help deal with anxiety. This package consists of a one hour session (face to face or via Skype) per week with personal tasks for your to complete in-between these sessions. The package costs £360.00

One-to-one sessions are also available at a cost of £75.00 per session. These can be taken individually and are flexibly arranged. Usually, a client will need  a minimum of 6 sessions in order to fully benefit from the treatment which is based on Cognitive Behavioural Therapy techniques. Managing anxiety is an important investment in yourself. It is possible to achieve your full potential.

Overcome your fears and/or anxiety through the use of strategies and exercises specifically designed for the person who feels held back or blocked in some way by their anxiety. Get in touch now and start reaping the benefits…

Online Skype therapy sessions

Therapy sessions are available face-to-face or online via Skype to help you manage anxiety.