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How to help an unhappy teenager

Do you know an unhappy teenager? It’s a well known fact that being a teenager is quite a challenge. Being around teenagers can be quite …

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5 Surprising ways to deal with difficult people

Difficult people are that way for a reason. It’s rare for someone to wake up and decide that they are going to be obnoxious for …

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Calm Home, Calm Mind – Tips For Less Stress At Home

Having stressors in our lives is something that has become practically unavoidable. Unless you happen to live a storybook-like life in a remote mountain meadow …

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Easy Ways to Improve Your Mental Health at Home

When it comes to taking care of yourself, many people often focus on their physical bodies. However, maintaining your mind is equally as important. It …

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How dating apps disappoint people

Man has over 300 matches on Tinder but still can’t get a date How dating apps ruined this Londoners dating life but inspired him to …

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Consuming Delta-8 When Dealing With Anxiety A Good Idea?

Do you use cannabis products to deal with daily stress and anxiety? Stress and anxiety have become unshakeable problems in our lives. Generally, people turn …

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Is there any connection b/w mood disorders and vaping?

Many individuals have recently stopped smoking cigarettes. According to a study on young people’s smoking habits, most youngsters use other tobacco-related items over cigarettes. Many …

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Is vaping a good idea to cope with depression?

Vaping has been in the spotlight for quite some time. Even while it still has some societal stigma attached to it, there are a lot …

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Can Living Sustainably Improve Your Mental Health

We live in a warming world.  Research shows that our emissions are causing droughts, rising sea levels, worsening weather events and melting the ice-caps. This …

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Differences between the UK and US therapy sites

People all over the globe are turning to online mental health services to address issues such as depression, anxiety, stress, relationship dynamics and more. By …