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Must Have Skills to Be a Medical Technologist

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More than half of all medical decisions are based on a Lab technologist results. This tells you how important their role is. Medical technologists do complex tests that other healthcare professionals rely on. They provide the test results that help to detect, diagnose and treat diseases. You can visit to find some of the drug tests that you will be helping to perform in this role.

Many people often confuse a medical laboratory technologist and a laboratory technician. But the two professions are distinct in terms of the level of educational qualification and job responsibilities.

Medical technologists are required to have a bachelor’s degree while technicians require only an associate degree.

Lab technicians’ role is to collect, process, analyze specimens, perform lab procedures and maintain instruments. Medical laboratory technologists, on the other hand, perform these duties but also do more complicated analyses. They help to evaluate, interpret results, conduct research and develop new methods.

Working as a medical technologist means that you have to be in protective equipment. You also have to be cautious by using procedures that reduce your chances of coming into contact with infectious materials.

You must be prepared to work in evenings, overnights, weekends and holidays. Most part of your working time will be spent standing.

Skills that a medical technologist needs to succeed in their career include;

Good Communication Skills

A medical technologist should be an active listener with excellent listening skills to make communication with patients effective. This will aid in the collection of as much information as possible that can be used in tests. Proper communication with other

medical personnel will be necessary for explaining the results of the tests they perform and in maintaining healthy and close interpersonal relationships.

Understanding written information and the ability to read and understand materials that are related to your work is necessary. Concise and clear writing will also help people to understand what the technologist is communicating.

Critical Thinking

The nature of work in this field requires a person who can assess various options at the moment of decision making. When solving problems a lab technologist should compare the results, and then spot the solution that will have maximum benefits.

In such cases, the lab technologist will use logic and reasoning to evaluate several courses of action and get the most appropriate solution.

Science Skills

A lab technologist will need to have accumulated scientific knowledge in various areas including biology, microbiology, chemistry, physics and biochemistry.

Most importantly, the level of scientific knowledge should make a lab technologist understand chemical reactions and chemical composition. It is also important to keep improving these skills. You can FREE Drug Test Training and Certification that provides.

Problem Solving Skills

An ideal person for this job is one who is capable of identifying problems and finding their solutions within minimal time and using the least amount of resources where necessary. As a medical technologist, it is crucial to continuously develop and enhance your problem-solving skills.

Technology Knowledge

A laboratory technologist must have sufficient technological know-how that is necessary for health care settings. This is because there are a good number of technological equipment and software that the lab technologist will be using. They include electronic medical record software, laboratory information system, test result deliver software and test-routing software.

Knowledge in handling technological equipment will enable lab technologists to perform better in their work. gives important drug testing resources that can help a lab technologist to be effective in using some of the tools in the laboratory.

Care About Patients

Lab technologists should be able to show genuine concerns for the patients. They should go an extra mile to help doctors make the right diagnoses for the patient.

This means that they should strive to give lab results that reveal the real medical problem of the patient.

Working Around the Clock

A medical technologist who works in a hospital should be prepared to work during odd hours. This is because a hospital operates for 24 hours a day, and 7 days a week including holidays and weekends.

Ability to work in a team

A medical technologist must be able to work with others. Working in a team as a lab technologist means you have to be prepared to listen to others and be patient with them.

You should understand other people’s reactions and find ways to help them instead of overreacting. You should freely share knowledge with those you are working with; especially if it will have an impact on medical decisions.

To conclude, if you want to become a medical laboratory technologist, this article has given you the must-have skills. You should appreciate how your role is important and essential for patient care. That way, you will keep improving your skills.

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