No, I’m not fine


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No, I’m not fine

Why do we often say that we are fine when we clearly are not fine inside? There seems to be pressure to act as if life is good and we have no problems and I find this so unnatural because life is inherently complicated and tricky and no one escapes the trials and tribulations that life throws at us.

As a mental health professional who knows all the right ‘tools’ to keep myself chipper and upbeat, you would think that I would have the best chance to be content. The truth is, I get days when I am not fine, not at all fine.

I suffer from self doubt and feelings of inadequacy. I also suffer from depression and anxiety at times. Having the knowledge is a far cry from actively and effectively applying this knowledge in the real world. I would say that I am much better at keeping my moods stable and that my sad times don’t last as long due to the knowledge I have and the ability to apply it, but I still get what I call “duvet days” when I want to hide and shut the world out. I don’t think I am abnormal, I think I am human.

It would be a wonderful world where we showed more compassion towards others and openly accepted that we all have hard times, when we feel weak and lost and when we need time out.

People worry so much about being ridiculed or seen as a failure for not always seeming strong but it is the strong person who honours their true experience and does not hide the real experience they are living.

So, this blog post is in honour of all those moments when we don’t feel fine and we say so. We are not looking for sympathy or making excuses but we are owning our true experience of life.

Mandy X