Paint by numbers – Winnie’s Picks

Paint by numbers – Winnie’s Picks

I have to share with you an amazing way to spend your time, especially if you are currently in lockdown. Painting is a wonderful way to relieve stress and anxiety. I have recommended to many clients that they try paint-by-numbers as a way to practise mindfulness and pass the time productively.

Today, I received a lovely paint-by-numbers set from Winnie’s Picks. I have done many paint-by-numbers over the years but their kit is outstanding and the quality is amazing. Winnie’s Picks ship worldwide and offer sets for beginners. They also provide tutorials on their blog should you need extra guidance.

You can even personalise your paint by numbers kit, if you send Winnie’s Picks a photo – this would make a lovely gift and I am planning to do this for a few friends and family. There are many categories to choose from too, from flowers to landscapes and animals, there is something for everyone.

In my pack (which is very cutely packaged up)…….I received: (I am going to paint a funky looking cat – abstract colourful cat)

4 paint brushes of varying sizes

2 small hooks to display the painting

A paper version to paint

A larger canvas to paint on (rolled to avoid creases in the canvas)

All the colours required – there are approximately 18 colours in my set

Useful instructions on how to paint, clean the brushes and also that I should start on the left side if I am right-handed (and vice versa)

The abstract cat set costs $24.95 and with a frame the set costs $31.95. Their sets are very reasonably priced and good value for money.

Paint by numbers Tips:

Start with dark colours first (I didn’t know this tip when I first started the painting below).

Work left to right if you are right-handed to avoid smudging the wet paint. Right to left if you are left-handed.

The paint can be made thinner and easier to paint with if you add a few drops of water to get a more liquid consistency.

If you make a mistake, it is possible to fix the mistake by painting over the mistake as the paint is thick enough.


I loved it and have ordered more sets…addicted!




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For more info, or to order your own kit:


Phone: +1 909 962 1366

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