Paying for Meds: How to Get a Prescription Without Insurance


Paying for prescriptions every month can drain your wallet. If you don’t have insurance, the cost can become unbearable. In fact, some people pay as much as $1,200 every year for prescription meds.

Instead of spending $1,200 to maintain your health, consider finding new ways to save.

Here are a few ways you can learn how to get a prescription without insurance. With these tips, you can still get the medications you need without the financial burden.

Start putting a little more money in your wallet each year with these savvy spending tips today!

  1. Try a Sample

The next time your doctor changes your medication regimen, ask if they have any free samples on hand. There’s a chance a pharmaceutical sales rep dropped off samples of the medication you need. Instead of buying an entire bottle of a new medication, try a sample first.

Some medications can cause side effects or interact with the medications you’re already taking.

If a medication causes adverse effects, you’ll need to switch to another prescription. Unfortunately, there’s no way to “return” the prescription you filled before.

By trying samples, you can test out a medication instead of buying one you’ll only use once.

Trying samples can also give you a few days of relief. Though it might seem like small savings, that savings can add up! Instead of buying prescriptions at full price, you can try a free sample to make sure it works.

  1. Speak With Your Doctor

If you want to learn how to get a prescription without insurance, don’t avoid doctor’s visits. Instead, consider asking your doctor for help. They might have a way you can save money that you wouldn’t have considered otherwise.

About 30% of people avoid buying prescriptions because they’re too expensive. If your doctor prescribes a medication, it’s probably for a reason. Refusing to take the medication you need could have a negative impact on your health.

Another 16% of people skip taking their medications every day. Meanwhile, 15% will even cut pills in half to make them last longer.

These shortcuts can have a dangerous impact on your health. Instead of using dangerous tactics to save money, consult your doctor.


Go Generic

You can also learn how to get cheaper prescriptions without insurance by switching to generic brands. Make sure to speak with your doctor before using these tips for prescriptions. They might have a reason they don’t want you to use the generic options.

There’s not a generic version of every medication on the market. However, you might be able to replace one or more medications you’re taking with generic brands. Even replacing one medication can help you save money.

When you speak with your doctor, ask about the side effects you might experience. Will switching to the generic brand cause interactions with any other medications you’re taking?

Make sure to take your research online, too.

You can check online to make sure the generic medication is FDA-approved. The FDA verifies each medication is made using safe ingredients. They also approved generic drugs that are bioequivalent to brand name alternatives.

Selecting an FDA-approved generic medication will give you peace of mind. At the same time, you’re paying for prescriptions without spending a fortune.

  1. Compare Copay Prices

Sometimes, the copay for one medication is vastly more expensive than that of a similar prescription. While you’re at the doctor’s office, take out your phone. Use an insurer app to compare copay prices while you’re in the exam room.

Don’t leave your doctor’s office without asking them about the alternative medication you’re interested in. Remember, you don’t want to take a medication that might interact with what you’re already taking. Your doctor can give you peace of mind that you’re making a smart decision for your health.

You can also check online to find discounted prescription medications.

  1. Shop for Discounts

To learn how to get cheaper prescriptions without insurance, you’ll need to become a savvy shopper. You can check websites like GoodRx to compare brand name and generic medications. These websites sometimes offer coupons that can also help you save.

You can also save money by buying prescriptions from Canadian pharmacies. You can learn more about why Canadian drug prices are cheaper here.

  1. Ask for Assistance

There are online tools and programs available that can help you learn how to get a prescription without insurance.

For example, consider contacting the medication’s pharmaceutical company. Ask if they have a patient assistance program available. Some companies create programs to help patients who can’t afford expensive prescription medications.

  1. Buy in Bulk

Are you taking the same medication for months or years at a time? Are you buying prescriptions for a long-term health condition? Instead of paying for a month’s supply, see if you can buy your meds in bulk.

Buying in bulk can save you time and money. You won’t have to visit the pharmacy every month to pick up the meds. Some online pharmacies even offer discounts if you buy in bulk.

Without COVID-19 quarantines underway, minimizing visits to the pharmacy can also help you protect your health.

Only buy in bulk for a medication you’ll need for a while. Otherwise, you could unintentionally waste money instead of saving it.

  1. Keep Checking In

If you’re still paying for prescriptions that seem too expensive, check in with your doctor again. Schedule appointments every few months. If your medications aren’t working, let them know.

Change your regimen to avoid taking medications you don’t need.

Cutting costly medications out of your regimen can help you avoid buying prescriptions that aren’t benefiting your health.

How to Get a Prescription Without Insurance: 7 Ways to Save

Don’t waste your money. Instead, use these tips and learn how to get a prescription without insurance. With these tips, you can prioritize your health and your finances.

Stay savvy, shoppers!

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